Video Game Volume Argument Ends With Police Shootout


  • Studies have shown mixed results regarding the link between video games and violence, despite the blame often placed on them after major incidents.
  • A police shootout in Philadelphia was apparently triggered by an altercation over the volume of a video game.
  • The tragic event highlights the importance of providing support and healing for those impacted after such a traumatic experience.

A major police shootout has transpired, allegedly following an argument over the volume of a video game. The shocking incident has left several people injured and one dead.

Video games often get a lot of blame for causing or inspiring violence, though studies looking at this claim have had mixed results, with several suggesting that there is little to no link. Nonetheless, video games often see accusations following major violent incidents, with the French President Macron blaming games for riots in France, among others. While it’s unlikely that anything shown in the game triggered this recent event, unfortunately, it seems that something about the volume of the game set off the perpetrator.

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at about 7 pm on October 4, a 12-year-old called the police to report that an altercation had transpired between his 42-year-old father, Michael Hwang, and his uncle. The fight allegedly began as an argument between the father and his son over the volume of a video game. The boy’s uncle then stepped in, which seemingly escalated the situation, and the father responded by firing a gun. It seems the initial gunfire didn’t harm anyone, but after the uncle and child retreated upstairs, the boy’s father followed them, shooting the child’s uncle in the face with a .40 caliber Glock pistol.

By the time police arrived, Hwang had gone back to the front door of the home with his gun and put on a ballistic vest. He then began shooting from the doorway of the home at the cops. Three of the officers were injured, with two being shot in the leg and one in the hand. The police returned fire, killing Hwang. The three police officers were taken to the hospital for their wounds, with two having already been released at the time of writing. The son and his mother were thankfully physically unharmed, however, the uncle was taken to the hospital and was listed in critical condition. According to a police statement, perpetrator Hwang suffered from “mental illness” and had been “known to the department.”

While the exact events that transpired are unknown at this time, it seems likely that the shooting had little to do with the video game itself. This unfortunate tragedy could likely have been triggered by any other altercation, as well. Hopefully, the uncle makes a full recovery from the horrific attack and the boy and any others impacted get the help they need to heal after this traumatic experience.

Source: Fox29

Source: Gamerant

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