Valve Address Issues Impacting Team Fotress 2

A Team Fortress 2 community campaign of memes prompts an official response from Valve regarding the future of the multiplayer shooter.

It’s been years since Valve last made an official comment regarding its online multiplayer shooter Team Fortress 2. In 2020, Valve addressed a leak that had Team Fortress 2 players worried their accounts were vulnerable. Those curious when the last Team Fortress 2 content update was made are better off not asking. Yet Valve has now issues a new statement to the Team Fortress 2 community. All it took was a massive campaign of memes under the banner of #SaveTF2.


The message from Valve, shared via Team Fortress 2‘s verified Twitter account, is short and simple. It says, “TF2 community, we hear you! We love this game and know you do, too. We see how large this issue has become and are working to improve things.” That Team Fortress 2 players received a response at all has already led to a celebration among fans of the game, even if the response is ambiguous and noncommittal. With that said, Team Fortress 2 players are certain to try and hold Valve accountable.

As for the “issue” that Valve says that it’s planning to address, it likely refers to Team Fortress 2‘s long-term bot infestation. Bots have always been a problem in Team Fortress 2, which rewards players with items that can be sold for real money. But in 2020 bots surged to a degree that made Team Fortress 2 nigh unplayable in certain circumstances.

Valve has made several changes to Team Fortress 2 the past two years to try and improve the bot situation and, presumably, must have been content with the numbers it saw after each fix. Players have never been happy with what’s become of Team Fortress 2, though. And the issue has only grown worse year to year. The feeling that Valve had abandoned Team Fortress 2 is what prompted the #SaveTF2 protest.

As one Team Fortress 2 community member succinctly captures the moment, “The end goal is not to get a tweet from Valve. The end goal is to get an update to stop the bots.” Valve has given Team Fortress 2 players hope for change before, after all. A tweet with no specific commitments doesn’t actually mean changes to the game until those changes are live.

Of course, most Team Fortress 2 players would agree that the #SaveTF2 campaign wasn’t just about the bots. It’s also about wanting Valve to start supporting Team Fortress 2 again, in general. It’s been a long time since Team Fortress 2 received new content. That’s a battle that the Team Fortress 2 community isn’t likely to win, as valiant as the effort may be. If nothing else, Team Fortress 2 fans will always have the #SaveTF2 memes.

Team Fortress 2 is available now on PC.

Source: Gamerant

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