Valorant Kicks Off Episode 4 With Action-Packed Trailer

The new Valorant trailer, Set. It. Off, kicks off Episode 4 Act 1 in an action-packed and exciting cinematic. The trailer leads new and current players to anticipate playing as a new Agent, checking out the new Battlepass, and more.

Valorant, created by League of Legends developer Riot Games, launched its trailer for Episode 4 Act 1 DISRUPTION today, giving high energy while showing off each character’s unique abilities. Much like League of Legends, Overwatch, and Apex Legends, the tactical FPS combines similar elements in gameplay modes and an impressive roster of in-depth characters to choose from.


In Episode 4 Act 1, the YouTube trailer shows new agent and duelist Neon (revealed to the world some days ago) performing high-speed bolts and generating bioelectric abilities from her body, such as energy blasts. The character is said to be very fast as she slides and strikes enemies down more quickly than expected. The trailer also gives an idea of what to anticipate from the Episode 4 Act 1 Battlepass. Players can look to earn exclusive items such as Velocity Shorty, Valentines Tactic’s Player Card, and Chicken Out Gun Buddy, all with variants. In the Premium Battlepass, players can unlock more tiers of Valorant items such as Hydrodrip Frenzy, Big Brain Gun Buddy, and the Velicity Karambit with variants.

Each Valorant Battlepass has been known to surprise and reward players with new cosmetic items, weapons with variants, and more for their time in playing the game. Even those who do not opt into the Premium Battlepass can still earn XP for quality rewards and make the best of their gameplay in the free-to-play FPS. Alongside Neon and other playable agents, players can expect the Protocol 781-A skin bundle, described as a dystopian skinline with multiple level styles.

The epic montage of character abilities and spot-on display of Neon, seen as an overpowered agent by playtesters, should excite players to want to hit the battleground. With Riot Games’ history of bringing fantastic cinematic trailers, the new trailer gives a well-edited competitive look for players ready to hop in.

Players can also anticipate much smoother gameplay as the first patch was released yesterday in North America, updating minor bugs, attack features like melee fixes, and changes in the game’s maps’ Breeze and Bind including map randomization. And with an incredible launch trailer, players can dive into Valorant, ready for an epic FPS experience.

Valorant is available on PC, and mobile in the future.

Source: Polygon, Play Valorant

Source: Gamerant

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