Valheim Player Makes Village Inspired By For Honor

A Valheim player has created an incredible village inspired by one of the multiplayer maps in Ubisoft’s For Honor.

If Minecraft‘s success has taught people anything, it’s that gamers love building. The creativity that players can express in building games can lead to truly beautiful art and structures. One of the latest games to inspire such creativity in players is the smash-hit indie game Valheim.

As spotted by PCGamesN, a Valheim player put their base-building skills to the test by designing a coastal village that took direct inspiration from Ubisoft’s For Honor. The result was a breathtaking masterpiece worthy of Odin’s attention, sporting large coastal walls to protect from water and invaders, a system of docks allowing ships to port within, and a well-fortified village interior.


The player who created the village, Reddit user Financial-One-3717, posted pictures of his architectural marvel and noted its inspiration: For Honor‘s Viking Village map. His post shows off a beautiful gallery of 10 pictures at different areas and angles of the village, highlighting Financial-One-3717’s attention to planning and detail.

It would be expected that most of the Reddit thread would be applauding the effort and creativity on display, but in true Valheim crafting and Viking spirit, some users were also asking questions about the village’s structural integrity. For example, one Reddit user asked how well the village handled storm surges, as storms and waves can deal intense damage to structures that aren’t properly insulated against them.

Financial-One-3717 was ready for this question and replied that they insulated all of their buildings against the elements. Other players asked about specific architectural choices and how to perform certain building techniques. Financial-One-3717 responded that they are making a tutorial video showing how they created the village, eventually allowing other players to create their own awesome builds

Referencing a Viking map from For Honor inside of Valheim is a creative crossover of two games both inspired by Norse and Viking cultures, and Financial-One-3717’s inspiration can be seen when one looks back at For Honor‘s Viking Village map.

Though shorter in stature, the coastal walls of the Valheim base are clearly inspired by the encircling walls of the Viking Village, providing protection from both invaders and the encroaching ocean waves. The docks of both villages provide mooring for passing vessels, and one can imagine that they are both hubs of supply and trade or a launching point for invasions.

Whether dropping into For Honor to execute some perfect combos against enemies or adventuring into Valheim‘s unforgiving environment, players must use their planning and survival skills to accomplish their goals. Financial-One-3717 utilized both, creating a work of art and architecture that is a monument to the Viking spirit.

Valheim is now available on PC.

Source: PCGamesN

Source: Gamerant

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