Valheim Celebrates Its Second Midsummer and Reveals New Content

Iron Gate AB has yet to fully release its early access title Valheim, but the Viking survival game continues to receive content and fixes through regular patches in preparation for such a launch. Confirming more information about this year’s Valheim Midsummer event, Iron Gate AB also detailed additions coming to the game with the anticipated Mistlands update.

Midsummer has officially kicked off in Valheim, World of Warcraft, Monster Hunter: World, and other games that celebrate the summer solstice, and this year’s Valheim changes include more than last year’s offerings. Although Valheim players were able to construct Maypole’s and certain types of banners during last year’s event of the same name, Valheim‘s Midsummer 2022 patch adds even more colorful banners to the crafting list alongside a crown of flowers. Going beyond what’s available in the Midsummer update, Iron Gate AB also teased some things coming with the Mistlands update beyond the new biome itself.


The Valheim Mistlands update fittingly will bring the Mistlands biome to the survival game, adding to the existing nine distinct biomes that each include their own enemies and materials to collect. Iron Gate AB has confirmed that one of the powerful enemies lingering in the Mistlands is known as the tick, and it’s a large replica of the real bug that spreads Lyme disease to deer, dogs, squirrels, and humans. It’s currently unclear if Valheim players will get poisoned from these ticks in the Mistlands, but given that there’s a poison debuff in the survival game already, it’s possible that players will have to tread lightly around them.

On top of what else has been confirmed for Valheim‘s Mistlands update, Iron Gate AB has stated that fishing will be expanded on, and players will be able to mount their catches on the walls of their bases. Although fish have been a prominent feature of most water masses in Valheim since the beginning, fishing holes will now show fish jumping out of the water periodically to add to immersion and help players see where they can make a catch. Not giving any details about what add-ons the Valheim crafting table and forge will have after the Mistlands update, Iron Gate AB also teased fans with an image of a new type of forge that will require and help create unrevealed items.

Iron Gate AB has confirmed and detailed the Mistlands update and stated that the primary Valheim team is working on it while two external teams are working on the Xbox Game Pass Valheim port. Though the Midsummer update brings more content to Valheim, and Iron Gate AB has announced some changes coming with Mistlands, it’s currently unclear when the Mistlands update will release. While most Valheim fans have responded to the Mistland hints with expressed enthusiasm, other players have suggested various survival games as void fillers to play leading up to the launch of Mistlands.

Valheim is available now for PC.

Source: Gamerant

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