Unlucky Elden Ring Enemy Kills Itself While Trying to Take Out Player

An Elden Ring player has an unexpectedly lucky and memorable encounter with an enemy who kills itself while trying to take them out.

Elden Ring has several interesting enemies and bosses for players to challenge. Like the Dark Souls games, regular enemies deal a ton of damage and can easily defeat careless players. Some Elden Ring foes come in groups, usually alongside enemy types that compliment them.

Since Elden Ring’s release in February, many players have experienced hilarious incidents with its AI. One Elden Ring player had a hilarious encounter with an enemy at Raya Lucaria Academy, and users can find many similar clips online. Another fan has now shared a clip of how an enemy killed itself while trying to defeat them.


A user named Dirant93 posted a clip of a fortunate encounter they had with a Cleanrot Knight. The player appears to be waiting to ambush their foe with a dual-wielded Dark Moon Greatsword next to a lift. They roll towards the entrance to the area and immediately get stabbed by a charge attack. The Cleanrot Knight lifts Dirant93 and stabs them again to inflict Scarlet Rot, although this move takes place over the lift shaft, with the platform at the bottom. The knight then throws the player to the back of the area and hilariously falls when the animation ends.

Dirant93 miraculously survives and gets 286 runes for their troubles. The way a dog stood on the other side and watched the incident take place adds to the hilarity of the video. Dirant93’s health was relatively low, and the effect of Scarlet Rot was active, but they had more than enough Flasks of Crimson Tears to make it out alive. Scarlet Rot in Elden Ring deals a lot of damage over time and can quickly deplete the health bar, but users can remove its effect by consuming an item called Preserving Boluses.

One fan pointed out the similarity between this clip and how characters in Looney Tunes often stood in the air for a few moments before falling. Many players mentioned how dramatic the words Marcescenza Scarlatta look on the screen instead of Scarlet Rot, which appears when playing Elden Ring in English.

Some also discussed the dog at the end of the clip and wondered if Dirant93 survived this encounter. One fan claimed that dogs, birds, and bats are the worst enemies in Elden Ring, with another adding bears to this list. Dogs are deceptively fast, as they quickly attack a few times without giving players a chance to retaliate, and are reasonably good at dodging. However, judging by Dirant93’s luck, the dog probably fell down the lift as well.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Source: Gamerant

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