Undertale Fan Prequel is Almost Done

The lead developer behind the upcoming, fan-made prequel to Undertale reveals that development of the game is close to being finished.

Of the numerous, successful indie games to release within the last decade, Undertale has certainly left a significant mark on many who played it. With well-written, memorable characters, creative gameplay mechanics, and a world filled with unique eccentricities, Undertale has a lot to offer its players in terms of both narrative and gameplay. Although, many fans might be shocked to learn that a prequel to Undertale might be releasing very soon.

Back in 2016, a fan reached out to Toby Fox following the tremendous success that Undertale received and asked if they could make a prequel game. While not directly involved with the game, Fox approved of the project, and the prequel has since been in development for about six years. Now, it seems, the full game might be close to releasing.


Over on YouTube, MasterSwordRemix, one of the developers deeply involved in the project, released a new animated teaser trailer for Undertale Yellow. The game centers around a character named Clover, one of the six lost children that fall into the Underground prior to the events of Undertale. Clover meets up with Flowey the Flower and the pair travel through the Underground together. Undertale Yellow is set to release next winter.

The animated trailer sees both Clover and Flowey playing the harmonica in some sort of desert environment. Considering that no such area exists within Undertale, it’s possible that Undertale Yellow might take place several years before the events of Undertale. Whether key characters like Sans and Papyrus might make an appearance in the game remains to be seen, but considering the popularity of both those characters, it’s highly likely.

It’s amazing how much time and effort has clearly been put into the project. Undertale Yellow was announced well over six years ago and the fact that the game is still being actively developed is quite admirable, especially for a fan project. The fact that Undertale fan projects are still being released nearly seven years after the game’s initial release goes to show how much influence the game has on its players. For instance, one fan turned the Undertale soundtrack into a ska album.

It will be interesting to see what the future holds for both Undertale and Toby Fox. The release of Deltarune Chapter 2 was met favorably amongst several players, but it’s unclear when fans can expect to see the release of the full game. Then again, the fact that Undertale Yellow took six years of development goes to show how much effort is required for projects as ambitious as these.

Undertale is available now for MacOS, PC, PS4, PS Vita, Switch, and Xbox One.

Source: Gamerant

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