Undertale Creator is Composing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Music

Undertale’s creator Toby Fox reveals that he has composed some of the music for the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

It’s no secret that the Pokemon franchise is not slowing down any time soon. Fans got a chance to try a brand-new take on the series formula in the form of Pokemon Legends: Arceus earlier this year, which was a critical and commercial success. After that release, the next mainline entries in the franchise, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet were announced the following month. Some fans were caught off-guard, but were still hyped nonetheless. This hype was further intensified with Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s newest trailer, showing off a bunch of new details.


Alongside some brand-new Pokemon coming to both Scarlet and Violet, there were a ton of reveals in this upcoming entry. Fans got a first look at the newest professors that will be guiding them in their journey, along plenty of other NPCs that they can meet. There will also be a new co-op mode where it can support four players, with the games utilizing an open-world structure. Alongside all of that, however, after this trailer was dropped, Undertale creator and composer Toby Fox chimed in, confirming that he is composing some of the music that will be heard in the game.

This was revealed on Fox’s Twitter, announcing that he had the honor of composing Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s field music. He stated that after he composed the initial sketch, he gave it to Game Freak, who then proceeded to arrange it. This will result in many variations of the field theme being heard throughout the game, and notes that some of that music can be heard in the trailer.

This is the second time that Toby Fox has composed for a Pokemon game, as the indie developer had previously composed a track that could be found in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Fox confirmed that a few more tracks that he has worked on will also appear in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet too, and asks fans to look forward to them. He notes that unlike his previous collaboration with Game Freak, his music won’t be “optional.” This is a reference to his last composition only being able to be heard in the Battle Tower of Pokemon Sword and Shield, which can only be accessed upon completing the main story.

Many fans congratulated Toby Fox for his contributions to the long-running franchise, with many excited to hear what he has made for these Pokemon games. Based on his comments, it’s likely he’s composed a battle theme that players will get to hear in the main story, though this is speculation for the time being.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will launch November 18 for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Gamerant

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