Ubisoft Adds Rainbow Six Siege Tribute for KiXSTAr

Ubisoft honors recently departed Rainbow Six Siege caster and pro KiXSTAr, adding a reference to the player at an iconic location.

Fans of Rainbow Six Siege were shocked and saddened to learn of the passing of popular former player and caster KiXSTAr in October, tragically taken at only 24 in a car accident. The player had transitioned a successful career playing the game professionally into a casting career that saw the young Michael Stockley lend his voice to several of Siege‘s most prestigious events, including several Six Invitationals and three Pro League Finals. Now, Ubisoft has honored the legacy of the former player in the game that made him famous.


KiXSTAr initially gained a strong following on Twitch due to his skill at Rainbow Six Siege, garnering over 400,000 followers on the platform tuning in to watch his incredible play. KiXSTAr spent time with several different teams in Rainbow Six Siege‘s competitive circuit playing for Team Orbit and OrglessGG among others throughout his career. KiXSTAr’s popularity among the community didn’t escape the game’s developers either as Ubisoft had previously posthumously honored KiXSTAr and has now added a tribute to one of the most legendary moments of his career.

In a recent update, Ubisoft added a KiXSTAr plaque near the bottom stairs of the game’s “Plane” map, brandishing his logo at the location where the player scored an iconic 1v5 ace early into his professional career. Fans have been petitioning Ubisoft for months since his untimely death to honor KiXSTAr until the recent addition, which has been praised by both KiXSTAr’s colleagues and the streamer’s legions of fans. However, the plaque honoring KiXSTAr’s legacy isn’t the only way Rainbow Six Siege and its fans are honoring the player.

Another tribute to KiXSTAr was the subject of several rumors surrounding Rainbow Six Siege‘s Operation High Caliber event in November with many fans believing that a KiXSTAr charm would be introduced for the Y6S4. Members of the community have also brought up the idea of using “KiXSTAr” as an in-game callout to refer to the location of the plaque, cementing his standing within Rainbow Six Siege‘s history. The newest tribute would not be the first time KiXSTAr was honored in game as players could previously obtain a charm based on the streamer as a reward for subscribing to his Twitch.

Rainbow Six Siege has featured several collaborations through the six years since the game’s release, crossing over with not only the game’s biggest content creators but many popular media franchises as well. The game recently announced a collaboration with Rick and Morty adding Mr. Meeseeks-themed cosmetics to Siege and has previously featured cosmetics based on many popular game franchises from Resident Evil to Splinter Cell. The KiXSTAr tribute pays homage to one of Rainbow Six Siege‘s greats and ensures the legendary player’s legacy will live on through the game that made him famous.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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