Two Point Campus is going into space

Two Point Cam (opens in new tab)pus is going into space next week, sort of, with the release of Space Academy (opens in new tab), the first major DLC release for the not-entirely-serious school management sim. The expansion will add three new campus locations to the game, along with six new student archetypes, six courses and classrooms, and other new features.

Space Academy isn’t an entirely new thing for Two Point Campus, at least within the context of the game’s fiction. The program existed previously but, reflecting the state of the real world to a certain extent, fell victim to neglect and disuse. Now it’s up to you to restore the program and help prepare humanity for weighty tasks including “galactic defense, inter-dimensional diplomacy, and preparing [Two Point County] for foreign life.” Which, to be clear, is not your conventional sort of exchange student, but “alien students with a thirst for the forbidden knowledge of the galaxy.”

“Space Academy also features Two Point’s first out-of-County campus, as you take up base on a suspiciously cheesy asteroid, and pillage it of its natural (and delicious) resources,” developer Two Point Studios said. “New classrooms like the Command Room will give your students the confidence to set phasers to stun, while the Battle Space will turn up the heat and let students duke it out with energy batons.”

There will also be plenty of extraterrestrial extracurriculars to take part in, including sci-fi conventions, concerts with the “cosmic king of rock ‘n’ roll,” and a student club for time travellers.

All in all, Space Academy sounds very much in line with Two Point Campus, a management sim that blends the predictably mundane (student loans) with the laughably absurd (classroom accidents that turn students into pumpkin-headed zombies). It’s not too terribly far out in terms of the classroom offering, either: Educational opportunities in the base game include a knight school, a spy school (disguised as a culinary school, of course), and a wizardry school, which is how we ended up with pumpkin-headed zombies wandering around.

“There is, of course, so much more to Two Point Campus than the conundrums it provides,” online editor Fraser Brown wrote in his Two Point Campus review (opens in new tab). “A bit of pressure is imperative, but equally as important is the silliness. Radio plays, adverts and announcements are constantly blaring out of the PAs, spitting out jokes, ridiculous anecdotes and the odd bit of satire—little of it biting, but all of it good fun.”

Two Point Campus: Space Academy is set to launch on December 6. Two Point Studios also recently announced that it is bringing mod support (opens in new tab) to Two Point Campus, and it’s now looking for beta testers to help get it all working.

Source: PC Gamer

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