Twitch Viewers Think Kevin Might Be Pokimane’s Secret Boyfriend

During a Twitch stream, popular streamer Pokimane introduces a new man to her audience known as Kevin and many viewers think he’s a secret boyfriend.

Popular Twitch streamer Imane “Pokimane” Anys is known for speaking candidly with her audience and it wasn’t long ago that she proclaimed her single relationship status, but things may have changed. Since a recent Twitch streamer in which a new boy called Kevin joined her, Pokimane’s community is speculating that Kevin is secretly her new boyfriend.

During her December 30 Twitch livestream, Pokimane’s screen went blank briefly before it returned to show the popular streamer with a previously unseen man who was introduced as Kevin. Upon Kevin’s arrival to Pokimane’s Just Chatting stream, her audience immediately took a liking to him, asking whether he was her new boyfriend or just a sibling. Whether or not they’re officially dating remains to be seen, but Pokimane’s Twitch audience quickly saw chemistry between the two, and some viewers called them a perfect match.


The mystery of Kevin’s debut on Pokimane’s Just Chatting Twitch livestream was further emphasized by the unexplained reason for the typically solo stream becoming a duo experience. Due to the warm welcome, Kevin thanked Pokimane’s audience for helping to make him feel more comfortable as he is inexperienced in the streaming realm. Although many members of Pokimane’s large community tried to do research to figure out who Kevin is, the new co-streamer was relatively unknown to the internet prior to appearing on the recent livestream.

“I’m just one random dude that happened to be on the stream one time,” said Kevin during the recent livestream once he realized how many viewers were watching the Pokimane Twitch stream. Because Pokimane has previously stated that she wants her future love interests to be separate from her content, Kevin may be little more than a new friend of hers. Kevin admitted to feeling loved right away by her audience, but he also seemed occasionally embarrassed by messages from Pokimane’s viewers.

Kevin and Pokimane were joined by a cardboard cutout of Gordon Ramsay on the recent Twitch stream, which made the room feel more populated but also gave the audience a scale to gauge Kevin’s height using. The two interacted with Twitch viewers and teased that they were dating as Kevin would occasionally get defensive over Pokimane to which the popular livestreamer would put her hand on his arm as she laughed. Pokimane has hinted in the past that her new love interests may join streams if the person she’s dating wants to be part of her content which may suggest that Kevin is enthusiastic about her career.

In the past, Pokimane has suggested that she would date one of her Twitch viewers and she has done a stream in which she lightheartedly reviews boyfriend resumes on Twitch. It’s currently unclear if Pokimane’s audience is correct or not in thinking Kevin is her new love interest but if he is, he may be among her viewers. While Kevin was quick in responding to messages from Pokimane’s chatters and bounced jokes off of the popular Twitch streamer, it remains to be seen whether or not he’ll return in future streams.

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