Twitch Unbans STPeach After 1 Day

After a revealing Cammy cosplay got her banned from Twitch, streamer STPeach is allowed to return to the platform after only one day.

Over the years, Twitch has become known for somewhat loosely enforcing its terms of service, and content creators on the platform can’t always be certain whether a particular action will get them banned. For some streamers, it isn’t always transparent when or why Twitch will ban a channel, and more popular creators sometimes seem to receive no consequences or get only a slap on the wrist for questionable behavior.

On March 1, Lisa “STPeach” Vannatta hosted a charity stream on her channel and cosplayed as Cammy White from the Street Fighter series. STPeach donned a red beret, red knee-high stockings, and a green high-cut bodysuit that left her rear end almost entirely bare. STPeach was soon banned from Twitch, presumably for the outfit, but not before raising over $10,000 for Games For Love, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping children grow into adults with sustainable futures.


The very next day, STPeach was unbanned from Twitch with little fanfare. Several months ago, the California-based streamer shared photos of herself in the Cammy cosplay on Instagram, and they were very well received. Her Twitch ban revived the popularity of the photos, as people have shown their support by giving them hearts and leaving comments. However, while acceptable on Instagram, it’s not surprising that STPeach was banned for wearing the Cammy outfit on Twitch. As some viewers pointed out during the charity stream, almost the entirety of the content creator’s backside was visible.

twitch streamer stpeach cammy street fighter cosplay

Upon being banned, STPeach tweeted that next time she would “make sure to bring a hot tub out.” This comment was in reference to the hot tub streams on Twitch that sparked controversy in recent years. Despite the platform’s stance against sexualized content, when popular content creators like Amouranth and Pokimane began streaming from hot tubs and swimming pools without consequence, many people questioned the seeming preferential treatment. However, Twitch created a category for hot tub streamers, clarifying that being perceived as sexy is not against the site’s terms of service. However, STPeach was wearing a very similar outfit to those worn by hot tub streamers, just not in water.

STPeach often streams in minimal clothing, wearing shorts, tight dresses, or even working out on camera. However, the ban on March 2 is the first time her outfit choices have gotten her in trouble on Twitch, and it’s likely the thong part of the bodysuit that caused the problem, because otherwise the Cammy cosplay wasn’t much different from the clothing that STPeach frequently wears on her channel.

Source: Gamerant

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