Twitch Streamer’s Hitman Run Ruined by Cat

A Twitch streamer found herself being thrown out of her game of Hitman World of Assassination thanks to an untimely intervention from her cat. Originally released as Hitman 3 in 2021 and rebranded to Hitman World of Assassination with a recent update this year, the established stealth game introduced rouge-like elements under the new Freelancer Mode.

This new mode mixes up the established stealth genre as players are tasked with not only taking down specific targets but are given more freedom on how a target is approached. There are randomized elements throughout each mission in this mode, which means gamers have to be even more strategic when carrying out Agent 47’s eliminations. Developer IO Interactive has confirmed that the Hitman series is going on a long hiatus following the release of the latest update, so players are making the most of the additional content.


Momo the cat, who belongs to Twitch streamer Stormfall33 certainly had other ideas on how to approach the new missions found in Hitman: World of Assassination. After two and a half hours on camera, Stormfall33 took a break from the difficult mode to read some of her chat messages when her cat nonchalantly strode across the keyboard, hitting the escape and enter buttons in succession, resulting in the game cutting back to the main menu.

The streamer was seemingly shocked for a few moments before exclaiming to viewers that her pet had managed to hit both the keyboard with almost pinpoint accuracy. While Momo did get a verbal haranguing for the incident, it blew over quickly and the Twitch stream was restarted. Stormfall33 was keen to show her pet curled up in its bed next to her setup as she continued with her game.

Animals, particularly cats, causing interruptions to players’ streams might not be an everyday occurrence, but when it does happen, the community often finds it hilarious. One video catches the moment a Twitch streamer’s equipment gets knocked over by his cat just before going live on the platform.

Not all animal interruptions are pleasant. The high-profile streamer Alinity previously appeared on CodeMiko’s stream to talk about a lengthy ban from the Amazon platform after appearing to throw her cat during a stressful session of Apex Legends. This is a far cry from the tongue-in-cheek exchange between Momo and Stormfall33, which was quickly forgotten as she started her next attempt with Agent 47’s toughest mission to date.

Hitman: World of Assassination is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Dexerto

Source: Gamerant

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