Twitch Streamer xQc Had to Go to ‘Streamer Therapy’ After Ban

Twitch streamer xQc confirms that he attended ‘streamer therapy’ as the result of a ban incurred in June 2020 due to breaking terms of service.

Felix “xQc” Lengyel is 2021’s top Twitch streamer, but he’s been banned from the platform multiple times due to breaking the website’s terms of service.

During a recent Twitch livestream, xQc was reacting to recent social media statements made by Head of Twitch Community Productions Marcus “djWHEAT” Graham. Many members of his Twitch audience were expecting xQc to disagree with Graham’s stance on TV show react streams, but the popular livestreamer was quick to give Graham credit for working with him in the past. Looking beyond the tweets about shows being copyright protected just like music, xQc took the opportunity to express how Graham helped him in June 2020.


As a result of his previous Twitch bans, xQc has confirmed that he had to attend “streamer therapy” which is apparently part of the unbanning process. When he was banned on Twitch for the second time back in 2020, xQc had to agree to streamer reform therapy in order to return to streaming on Amazon’s platform. Across multiple sessions during this process, xQc had to discuss the reason why he was banned and explain why his actions were wrong.

“I had to agree to one session, or a couple of sessions, of streamer reform therapy,” stated xQc during a recent Twitch livestream. Assuring his audience that he wasn’t messing with them, xQc added “I’m not even kidding,” before explaining the process. Although he couldn’t be sure which of his various Twitch bans caused xQc to attend streamer reform therapy, he mentioned that it could’ve been a time he was tricked into livestreaming two gorillas mating in 2020.

According to xQc, streamer reform therapy is like Alcoholics Anonymous for Twitch streamers and the popular livestreamer has confirmed that one of these sessions lasted as long as an hour and a half. Marcus Graham acted as a therapist during xQc’s streamer reform therapy, allowing him to speak candidly with an important Twitch figure. Since these therapy sessions, xQc has confirmed that Graham is “pretty cool” and he’s spoken with the Twitch community leader on multiple occasions beyond simply ensuring his bans are lifted.

While xQc confirmed that he attended multiple streamer reform therapy sessions, the ban that sparked it was lifted within a day. It’s currently unclear which other livestreamers have had to go to streamer therapy like xQc, but other temporarily banned Twitch streamers include Amouranth, Adin Ross, and Hasan Piker. Because xQc quickly returned to Twitch following the ban that started his streamer reform therapy, his sessions were likely successful and may have given the Twitch livestreamer tools to prevent future bans.

Source: Gamerant

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