Twitch Streamer Successfully Bikes Across Japan

Brazilian Twitch streamer Hirowdots successfully finishes his journey of biking across Japan in a recent livestream after 57 days of traveling.

Japan has some of the most beautiful bike paths in the world including some stunning views. Brazilian Twitch streamer Hirowdots has finished his journey of biking across Japan and ending on a wonderful sight.

Japan has many bike trails that can lead across multiple islands of the country, one of the most notable ones being the Shimanami Kaido which goes across the Seto Inland Sea. Twitch streamer Hirowdots has been livestreaming his journey traveling across Japan by bike.


Reddit user LoogInsano posted a clip from Twitch of Hirowdots’ stream showing the moment when he made it to the end of his journey across Japan. The comments on the post explain that he began his journey in Northern Japan, and ended his journey in Okinawa. In the clip, he is seen making it into a parking lot leading to a beautiful ocean view and beginning to cry, grateful to have made it to the end successfully as his followers cheer him on. He had cycled for a total 2,090 miles over a span of 57 days to make this trip.

After finishing his journey, Hirowdots is reduced to tears, with no shame. He’s clearly relieved to have finally made it to his destination and seems grateful for his followers sharing in his journey. With some streamers like PixelKitten being swatted during a charity stream, this kind of content is refreshing to see among others of its kind.

This journey was ambitious and must have been a very hard one at that, with such a long distance. 57 days of streaming his rides with his viewers following him every step of the way leads to many clips and motivation for him to keep going despite any doubts he might have had. The view of the ocean is well-earned after such a long journey. Livestreaming travels can sometimes be risky since anything can happen, even becoming lost at sea.

Twitch may have begun as a gaming streaming platform, and while it still is, it has opened the doors for many different creators to make various content. From traveling like Hirowdots, or even getting food stolen by a bird like AikoiEmil, IRL streaming is a great way to see a different kind of streaming. Hirowdots has finished a phenomenal cycling journey, and he deserves some well-earned rest and relaxation.

Source: Gamerant

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