Twitch Streamer Pays Off Parents’ Mortgage for Christmas

A successful Twitch streamer takes his parents by complete surprise, paying off their home mortgage as a Christmas present.

The holiday season at the end of the year is often a time when people show their gratitude to others in the form of presents. Being able to celebrate one’s parents in a big way is something many adult children love to do, and one Twitch streamer was able to turn his online popularity into a massive gift for his parents.

Twitch streaming can become a lucrative career for those who attract a dedicated audience, and such is the case with streamer Xposed. Xposed is a successful Canadian Twitch streamer who primarily goes online to stream casino games. After seven years of streaming, he’s achieved an impressive following of 425,000 followers on Twitch, as well as another 200,000 on YouTube.


The streamer recorded and shared a moment from his Christmas family gathering where he revealed his intention to completely pay off his parents’ home mortgage. The brief video shows Xposed’s parents opening up a gift-wrapped box, and retrieving a letter inside. The letter, which Xposed’s mother reads aloud, thanks his parents for raising him and reveals that he wants to return their kindness by paying off their mortgage. His parents both quickly broke down into tears as she reached that part of the letter, and Xposed slides a check for the remaining amount across to them, urging his father to retire early.

It’s clear that Xposed’s Christmas present was a big deal for his family. Xposed was able to generate enough to make this selfless gift despite only being 25 years old himself. Online personalities on services like YouTube and other Twitch streamers with big numbers have drawn attention in the past for making investments or purchasing indulgent presents for themselves, like spending millions on a box of Pokemon cards.

Of course, some streamers also make big waves by making major donations to charities and other good purposes. Major Twitch streamer xQc has gone so far as to encourage viewers to donate to smaller streamers, rather than showering him alone in subs and donations. While Xposed’s gift benefits those closer to home than some streamers’ efforts, it’s a generous move, and he expressed his gratitude to his audience for enabling him to make it.

While there’s been a lot of controversy surrounding the Twitch service in 2021, it’s also a platform that can help streamers to connect with massive audiences like this. In moments like these, that can be genuinely life-changing, and it’s a moment that’s likely to live on in the memory of both Xposed’s parents as well as his audience for years to come.

Source: Gamerant

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