Twitch Streamer Mizkif Gifts Viewer Expensive PC and $5,000

Successful content creators often host giveaways or hold elaborate contests to the benefit of their viewers. For many, this is in fact how they became successful; the possibility of winning huge amounts of money draws followers. For example, MrBeast’s recent real-life reenactment of the South Korean TV show Squid Game had a budget of $3.5 million and awarded the winner with $456,000. The carefully crafted competition drew over 43 million views on YouTube after only one day.


Other popular YouTube or Twitch content creators help others out of generosity or use their position of influence to benefit charities, and there are countless examples of this. In August, PewDiePie revealed that he had donated over $1.5 million to 11 different charities throughout 2020 and 2021, using only the money he earned from YouTube channel memberships. But even smaller content creators do their part to help out others financially. Recently, a Twitch streamer called OrcRun ran a 10k wearing armor based on that of Lord of the Rings’ Uruk-hai orcs and raised over $1,600 for charity.

There are also times when content creators don’t plan their altruism, but rather find themselves in a situation that allows them to show unexpected kindness. On December 18, Twitch streamer Mizkif purchased a viewer a powerful One True King computer that costs over $5,000 from Artesian Builds. Mizkif also promised to provide two monitors, a Surface Pro, and an extra $5,000 to help pay for college. One True King is the gaming organization started by Asmongold, Mizkif, and a number of other content creators, and Artesian has designed two themed PCs for the group.

twitch streamer mizkif otk artesian computers

To put the story into context, Mizkif was doing a Just Chatting stream during which he purchased viewers items from their Amazon wishlists. At one point, Mizkif selected a viewer whose wishlist had a “dinky” refurbished computer that cost only $219. Usually, a person’s wishlist reflects what they can actually afford to buy and not what they wish they could buy, and so Mizkif asked the viewer to share their story. The viewer’s immediate response was that they hoped the computer wasn’t too much to ask for, and Mizkif’s chat immediately began asking for the Twitch streamer to buy him a nicer PC.

It turns out that the viewer was a university student from Morocco viewing the stream from their phone. They didn’t even own a monitor, and the inexpensive computer was all they could afford. Mizkif then challenged his chat, stating that he would match every Twitch subscription he received in the next five minutes and use the money to buy the viewer a new computer. Subscriptions immediately began flooding in, showing the Twitch chat’s corresponding generosity and desire to show kindness to the Moroccan viewer. Before the five minutes had even elapsed, Mizkif decided to go all out and buy the viewer the $5,000 computer along with the other goodies.

The viewer protested that Mizkif shouldn’t spend so much money on them, asking that the streamer save some for other people in chat. Mizkif offered reassurance that it wasn’t a big deal and that much of the funding for the new PC rig came from chat. The viewer pointed out that attending university is free in Morocco and, according to some, $5,000 USD is enough to live on for a year. The Twitch streamer laughed it off, insisting that the viewer enjoy the gift.

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Source: Gamerant

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