Twitch Streamer JustaMinx Banned 3 Times in 1 Month on TikTok

Popular streamer JustaMinx gets banned once again on TikTok due to mass reports, resulting in the creator criticizing the social media platform.

Usually, viewers of popular streamers on Twitch expect their favorite content creators to end up with a ban on the streaming platform. Due to Twitch’s sometimes controversial policies against things like nudity and some words it deems inappropriate, many popular streamers have been banned on the platform for various periods of time. JustaMinx, a popular Irish streamer currently based in LA, has been banned on Twitch on multiple occasions, with the most recent ban occurring after JustaMinx used what Twitch termed as a derogatory slur.


Though the most popular Twitch streamers are seen as big draws to the platform, they are by no means entirely safe from bans. Even two of the biggest names on Twitch, Pokimane and xQc, have faced bans in the past, even beyond Twitch, as the pair were recently almost banned from Fortnite after trying to turn stream snipers on their side. JustaMinx also faced a ban recently not from Twitch itself but another major platform in TikTok, where the streamer has over 2.7 million followers.

In a video posted to her YouTube account, JustaMinx states that this is the third time she has been banned from TikTok and is looking to blame the platform for its poor handling of her situation. Unlike her Twitch bans, JustaMinx believes that she has been banned from TikTok through no fault of her own, and instead argues that trolls have reported her account. These mass reports have resulted in TikTok flagging the account as inappropriate, leading to JustaMinx facing permanent bans, unlike those of her Twitch, which ended up only lasting for a couple of weeks at most.

JustaMinx reported that TikTok has also given her no warning before she is banned from the platform. There’s also been no word of a suspension, or any lighter ban as the mass reporting of trolls has ended up with her facing immediate and permanent bans. Trolls have often been a consistent problem that Twitch streamers and content creators have to deal with, though there are some streamers who seek to combat the trolls by trolling themselves, such as the popular streamer Amouranth who trolled her entire audience with a “boyfriend reveal” stream.

There are even those who managed to collaborate with their trolls, such as Pokimane who decided to bury the hatchet with fellow streamer JiDion and work together in making content. It seems doubtful that JustaMinx will have such a positive outcome with her trolls, though at the time of writing her TikTok account is back up and running.

Source: Gamerant

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