Twitch Streamer Falls in Love With Mod, Flies 30 Hours to Be With Him

Adorable picture shows Twitch streamer who ‘accidentally fell in love’ with their chat moderator, celebrating after flying 30+ hours to meet him.

A horror and variety streamer on Twitch has announced that they flew over 30 hours halfway around the world to be with one of their chat moderators after the two fell in love. Heartwarming stories like this one, and the recent news of the woman who went from 0 to over 90,000 followers on Twitch after a video of her sharing kind words went viral, show that the streaming platform can still be a source of good news despite its recent controversies.

In addition to being a great place to check out some of the internet’s most outrageous personalities playing the latest games, Twitch has repeatedly proven itself to be a surprising source of uplifting stories. From streamers and viewers finding love in the chat to the Twitch audience recently banding together to raise $25,000 for a charity stream before it even began, the social nature of the platform has allowed some unexpected connections to blossom over the years. As Twitch continues to make efforts to decrease harassment and increase engagement on their platform these sorts of positive stories highlight some of the great things that can happen when gamers are given a global stage.


In a post shared on her personal Twitter account, variety and horror streamer jjessticles shared a picture of her planting a kiss on her Twitch mod after flying over 30 hours to see him in person. She notes in her tweet that the two “accidentally fell in love” and goes on to make a joke about the constant refrain from popular streamers that Twitch is not a dating site by adding the hashtag “#TwitchIsADatingSite?” In the wake of recent controversies about gambling streams on Twitch highlighting the dark side of the platform, this story of unexpected love is a refreshing change of pace.

Many users responded to jjessticle’s tweet by sharing their own stories of finding love on Twitch through a variety of different circumstances. From meeting through mutual friends on the platform to being raided by a future love interest, multiple happy couples shared their of stories unexpectedly finding their significant other on the streaming site. Not all streamers are as lucky as jjessticle when it comes to love, though, with Twitch superstar Amouranth recently announcing to viewers in a somber stream that she is married to a partner who is emotionally and verbally abusive towards her.

This heartwarming story goes to show that love can blossom in the most unexpected of places, even on a game streaming site. Viewers of jjesticle’s Twitch channel will undoubtedly tune in to see how this burgeoning romance develops, but from now on they may want to make doubly sure they’re being nice to her moderator.

Source: Gamerant

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