Twitch Stream Accused of Scamming Viewer Out of Rare Football Card

The online trading card scene has exploded over the past several years in part due to a growing fanbase wanting to see content creators opening packs. This, however, has led to a wave of exploitative “giveaways” from content creators in which they let viewers purchase chances at cards while keeping valuable cards, instead. One such example came from the Twitch channel BackyardBreaks, recently, after pulling a card worth over $20,000 and deciding not to give it to the fan that won it.


BackyardBreaks was opening packs and giving away the cards within to channel followers via random rolls. The Twitch clip in question shows the group randomly rolling a follower named gpell10, naming him multiple times before sorting through the pack of Panini Absolute NFL trading cards. As they sorted through the cards, their excitement slowly grew as they realized the odds of a special card in the pack were growing. That’s when they pulled the incredibly rare card.

The card pulled is a Gold Kaboom Trevor Lawrence rookie card, one of just 10 in existence, and the value and rarity of it can be seen in the reaction of the BackyardBreaks content creators. Both leaped to their feet and began shouting “Oh my God!” It was an exciting moment, not just because of the card’s rarity but because it was won by a Twitch channel follower. That’s what makes these kinds of events special. Or, at least, it’s supposed to work out that way.

A message posted on the official BackyardBreaks account stated that the channel had decided to not give the card to the follower who won it. Instead, they’d donate at least $20,000, and all further proceeds from the card’s sale, to the Boys and Girls Club. When called out on Twitter, the Twitch streamers posted, “No one won it.” Further, they’re now claiming that they’ll give away the card in a separate giveaway, while reaping all the rewards that go along with the attention drawn by the controversy along the way.

To BackyardBreaks’ credit, the team does appear to have made a donation to the Boys and Girls Club of Palm Beach, prompting the charity to post a #thankyou message on Twitter. However, despite requests to prove they donated the full $20,000, BackyardBreaks has chosen not to at this point.

BackyardBreaks has been accused of taking away a prize won by user gpell10, showing that their giveaways are scamming users out of their time and money, and are using the controversy surrounding it for their own gain. A charitable donation is certainly valuable, but it’s also beneficial to the channel through the tax breaks it provides them. It’s also not what was promised. Further, the channel is now trying to give away the card again, which benefits the channels in new ways. It should be noted that Twitch doesn’t appear to have any interest in punishing such behavior, at this point.

Source: Gamerant

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