Twitch May Soon Be More Transparent About Streamer Bans

Twitch often bans users without specifying exactly why, but hopefully that may become less of an issue thanks to a proposed update.

In the world of online video game broadcasts, there isn’t really any name bigger than Twitch. While Twitch and other streaming platforms have seen a slight decline in growth, performative commentary in the guise of gaming playthroughs is still a popular form of entertainment, with millions of users tuning into some of their favorite creators every week. However, when it comes to the purple-themed platform, it’s often marred by controversy, especially when it unleashes the “ban hammer.” However, it’s possible that this could become an issue that’s finally plugged.


According to a recent interview with The Washington Post, Angela Hession, Vice President of Trust and Safety at Twitch, has said that the site may give more details in the future about why it bans a user. One of the ideas that could be implemented is sending out “clips of infractions” to the streamer in an email. By having actual footage of the incident that caused the ban, it should make things clearer as to why a ban was initiated. Whether such clips being sent to the offending party will be made public is likely going to be up to the discretion of the user in question.

As many who use the site are already aware, Twitch is notorious for banning streamers, including some notable names like Adin Ross. While sometimes the reasons behind someone being kicked off the platform temporarily are a bit more obvious, such as overtly offensive content that break’s Twitch’s terms and conditions, it’s often the case that many are left in the dark about why they’ve been banned.

For some, this could be detrimental not only in terms of their standing with the platform and the surrounding community, but also financially. Twitch is host to many huge streamers, such as Shroud and Asmongold, many of whom depend on the website for their income. Of course, some of the bigger names may not be too affected monetarily by a short ban, but there are many smaller channels that aren’t pulling in the figures that the lucky few are, and temporarily not being able to earn a living could have a knock-on effect.

In the end, Twitch’s new transparency policy should hopefully be a way for users to finally understand why a ban has occurred. At least this way, future violations could be avoided. Despite the controversy, however, Twitch is still the head honcho of live video game content, with a viewership competing places like YouTube and Facebook Gaming can only dream of for now.

Source: The Washington Post

Source: Gamerant

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