Trademark Registered For Tim Burton Inspired Title, Enigma Archives: Rain Code

Too Kyo Games and Spike Chunsoft register the trademark for the upcoming dark fantasy mystery title Enigma Archives: Rain Code.

It has been well over a month since the former members of the Danganropa creative team shared the new teaser trailer about their upcoming game, Enigma Archives: Rain Code. No additional news has been shared about the title since then, likely making fans of the Danganropa series who are looking for similar games a little antsy. However, it seems the devs have recently trademarked Enigma Archives: Rain Code, making it possible that more official information about it will be coming soon.


Enigma Archives: Rain Code may be unfamiliar to most gamers. However, Danganropa players and Tim Burton fans will likely have heard of the video game already. The title was first teased to the public back in 2018, when several employees from Spike Chunsoft decided to form a separate development company named Too Kyo Games. The team mentioned that Rain Code would be an adventure game inspired by Tim Burton. According to Too Kyo Games’s Kazutaka Kodaka, the title would center around dark fantasy and mystery, much like most of Tim Burton’s work.

Just recently, Too Kyo Games registered the trademark for Enigma Archives: Rain Code. This registration does not reveal any key information to fans about the title’s pending release date or its official gaming platform. However, with many other companies recently trademarking titles such as Klonoa, The Order: 1886, and more, this likely gives interested fans hope that more official details about the video game will be released soon. What’s more, the fairly recent upload of the game’s official teaser trailer has likely already started building hype and curiosity within the gaming community.

However, it seems that that is all the information that gamers can glean off of the trademarking of Enigma Archives: Rain Code. The team does not even seem to have official social media channels yet for the title, only offering a teaser site, and using Spike Chunsoft’s official YouTube channel to host the game’s teaser trailer. Nonetheless, the team behind Rain Code is quite well-known among their peers, with music by Masafumi Takada and character design by Rui Komatsuzaki. Both team members are familiar to fans for their work in Spike Chunsoft’s Dangaronpa series.

Though there has been a three-year time gap between Too Kyo Games’s announcement of Enigma Archives: Rain Code and their teaser trailer, players are likely looking forward to seeing the production progress of the title. Hopefully the team shares more trailers, especially since the visuals are highly reminiscent of popular Danganropa characters and settings.

Enigma Archives: Rain Code is currently in production with no official release date or platform.

Source: Gamerant

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