This is What Eminem’s ‘Lose Yourself’ Sounds Like When Mixed With the Super Mario Bros. Theme

Rap artist Eminem has one of his most famous tracks used in a vocal mashup that includes the Super Mario Bros theme.

Eminem has been rapping for over thirty years, releasing multiple albums in the process and even landing a movie appearance in 2002 with the feature song “Lose Yourself.” This critically-acclaimed track has been crossed with the Super Mario Bros theme to create a humorous mashup featuring Nintendo’s iconic gaming mascot Mario.

Mario has been given a recognizable music motif since the classic platformer was first released back in 1985, but now the 8 Mile headliner has been combined with the 8-bit chiptune from the original Super Mario Bros. This unlikely combination brings together rap and video game music to create a hilarious TikTok video which has gone semi-viral amongst Eminem and Mario fans.


The mashup was created by TikTok account @thereiruinedit, who creates song mashups based on unlikely requests. By using extensive pitch shifting and audio editing, Eminem’s lyrics have been synced up with the simple beeps and blips from the Mario theme. The end result may come across as a bit high-pitched or off-key, but the comedic sounds compliment the minimalist soundscape of Mario games.

This video isn’t the first Eminem mashup @thereiruinedit has created, since another video released on their YouTube channel combines Eminem’s breakout hit “Without Me” with American bluegrass music to create a country and western rap. Another recent TikTok featured Ed Sheeran’s “Perfect” being mashed up with the Underwater music from Super Mario Bros, which the singer himself has reacted to. The entire Mario franchise boasts several memorable music backdrops, which fans have remixed into the Bloodborne soundtrack as well as other famous compositions.

Eminem is no stranger to video games, having made the occasional reference in his lyrics and even sampling a Kingdom Hearts track in a song. Eminem was also recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which he “braggadociously” predicted in the record-breaking song “Rap God.” Several music videos feature video game references along with other pop culture elements, including Call of Duty: Ghosts imagery in “Survival” and even a visual gag reference to Valve’s Portal series in “Rap God.”

Some fans are still finding ways to incorporate Eminem into games, such as using character creators to recreate the iconic rapper in the WWE 2K22 gaming roster. It is unlikely that an official Mario and Eminem crossover will ever happen due to Nintendo’s kid-friendly series, but the continued legacy of both these cultural icons is set to continue long into the future as creative projects and mashups are still being produced.

Source: Gamerant

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