This is What a Nintendo Wii Looks Like Running on an Ancient Handheld TV


  • Gamers on social media are finding creative and unexpected ways to play the Nintendo Wii, with one user connecting it to a portable TV from the 1990s.
  • The Wii’s motion controls and wide selection of peripherals, along with its reputation as an innovative and accessible device, contributed to its success as one of the top-selling consoles of all time.
  • The Wii’s backward compatibility with GameCube games and accessories added to its appeal, and enthusiasts continue to find ways to showcase the versatility of the console on social media.

A gamer took to social media to show off how a friend of theirs got a Nintendo Wii working on a portable TV from the 1990s, despite the television lacking any inputs to connect with the console easily. The post made the rounds on social media, with other Wii fans chiming in with their favorite memories of gaming on tiny displays.

Released in 2006, the Wii was Nintendo’s first major foray into motion controls via the Wii Remote and Nunchuk controllers. While it was far from a flawless device, the Wii Remote was successful due to its reputation as an innovative, comfortable, and accessible controller at the time. In addition to the motion controls, the first Wii models had backward compatibility with most GameCube games and accessories, including the controller and memory card. While the PS3 and the Xbox 360 offered HD connectivity via component and HDMI cables, the Wii used standard RCA cables. As a result, enthusiasts have utilized social media to show off the different and unexpected ways a Wii can be played.

On Reddit, a user named Castleview posted a picture on the r/gaming subreddit of their friend’s Wii running on an Optimus Color Pocket LCD TV from 1998. Powered by either four AA batteries or a dedicated AC adapter, this portable TV was comparable in size to the original Game Boy, and it was capable of picking up analog signals via its antenna. Though the device had functional speakers, the Optimum TV was also capable of receiving external video and audio thanks to different adapters. Similarly to a TV that was used to play Elden Ring, the TV’s owner used some adapters that allowed them to connect the Wii’s composite video and audio cables to the AV port on the side of the TV. The OP showed the Wii’s home menu as proof of their friend’s success.

Though the Wii was a small console, it was never considered portable by gamers. However, some r/gaming users commented that the Optimum TV made the Wii into a viable and portable gaming console, and complimented the OP and their friend on their success. Other users shared memories of portable gaming from their childhood, with stories of staying up late to sneak in a session being among the more prominent tales.

Between having one of the most innovative controllers of the time, and many different ways to play thanks to its wide selection of peripherals, the Wii remains one of the top-selling consoles of all time. Only time will tell what gamers will do to continue preserving its legacy.


The seventh generation saw the creation of the Wii. Nintendo’s system was built to compete with the ever-popular Xbox 360 and PS3. Featuring motion controls and a unique lineup of games, the Wii became a very popular console for the tech giant.


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November 9, 2006

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$249.99, €249.99, £179.99

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