Thieves Steal $1 Million Worth of Pokemon Cards and Other Collectibles

A group of thieves reportedly stole $1 million worth of Pokemon cards and other collectibles in a California-based hobby store. Security footage of the incident has been posted online in hopes of catching the perpetrators who broke into the shop.

Collecting Pokemon cards can be an expensive hobby and lucrative business, especially for people who hold on to valuable cards that can be worth thousands of dollars. While there are people who are lucky enough to find their old binders full of classic and rare Pokemon cards, there are some who take a more violent route to get their hands on them.


In Burbank, California, a hobby store named Kaptain Fish Collectibles lost $1 million worth of collectibles after three men crashed their truck into the security gate. The CCTV footage showed them ransacking the racks and cabinets, stealing valuable merchandise in less than seven minutes. The store’s co-owner Sevag Mazakian told CBS that the men took comics, loose boxes, cards, including Pokemon and NBA cards, and a signed pair of Kobe Bryant sneakers. He added that Kaptain Fish Collectibles was the third shop to be robbed in the area within two months. It’s still unclear whether the same trio were also responsible for the last two robberies, but they reportedly happened only 15 miles from Burbank.

Fortunately, the security footage managed to show the face of one man, which could hopefully help catch the thieving trio. Many people online expressed their sympathy for what happened to Kaptain Fish Collectibles, and fear that no Pokemon card or any collectible is safe anymore. One YouTube commenter said they hope that the owners would be able to bounce back after the robbery.

This is just one of many incidents where thieves have stolen Pokemon cards. Back in September, a thief was caught for stealing $20,000 worth of Pokemon and Magic: The Gathering cards after trying to sell it back to the burgled store. Meanwhile, other reported Pokemon card-related crimes involved armed robberies, police chases, and even shootings.

The value of popular trading cards can be incredibly high depending on their rarity. Apart from Pokemon TCG, brands like Magic: The Gathering also boast of rare cards with a steep price point of up to $800,000 and even higher. While this is something that dedicated collectors would give an arm and a leg for, it’s also understandable that they, as well as hobby store owners, would feel terrified if someone were to put them in danger just to steal their prized possessions.

Source: CBS

Source: Gamerant

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