There Are Some Truly Bizarre Skyrim Mods Out There

Even though Skyrim has its humorous moments, it’s generally a pretty sincere game, but that’s where the community has come into its own over the years by offering up a selection of mods that are, quite frankly, bizarre. Despite its flaws, not to mention being more than 11 years old at this point, The Elder Scrolls 5 continues to pull fans in. One of the reasons for this ongoing popularity is that it’s an RPG that beginners can easily get into.


Bethesda’s 2011 epic offers up a vast landscape of potential, deep lore for those interested in narrative-driven games, and plenty of quests to keep players entertained for hours. On top of that, there are also some pretty weird things that can be done in Skyrim. There is an element of silliness that can sometimes make it difficult to take the game seriously, and a recent discussion has been underway about the ways modders have made TES5 truly odd.

The discussion comes from a Reddit thread started by user bethel1998, who asks other Skyrim fans about the weirdest mod they’ve come across. Things begin with an image uploaded by the OP showing one that’s simply called “The Kids Are Potatoes,” which does exactly what the name suggests. That’s quite odd in itself, but plenty of other examples have been given. The current top comment comes from RandomWolf44, who mentions “Skyrim Belongs to the Gourds,” a modification that turns the Dragonborn into a fruit from the gourd family. User Bean_cult mentions “Instant Heart Attack,” which, as the name implies, kills the protagonist, while ghostmetalblack says there’s a mod where the player gets their head chopped off at the start, effectively ending the game.

The oddness doesn’t end there, as LegendS1ayer brings up a mod that takes Skyrim‘s dedicated courier NPC and turns him into a “super fast Frostbite Spider,” as well as one that makes him a “posh Mudcrab.” Truly, there is no idea too weird for the modding community. Seeing as TES5 has been out for so long, it’s not surprising that fans have taken it upon themselves to come up with some strange things just for the fun of it. There are only so many ways to improve the visuals or fix bugs before people decide to go down a rather uniquely creative path.

Such mods probably have quite the detrimental effect on Skyrim‘s immersive open world, but that’s the beauty of modding. There is something out there for every TES5 player, and while there are ways to vastly improve on Bethesda’s original formula, there’s something to be said for turning dragons into Thomas the Tank Engine or converting Shouts into flatulence.

Skyrim is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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