TheActMan YouTube Channel Demonetized

As tensions between QuantumTV, TheActMan, and YouTube continue to escalate, YouTube decides to demonetize TheActMan’s channel.

Perhaps the most unbelievable thing about the YouTube feud between TheActMan and QuantumTV is that it all started from an Elden Ring review. Now, the drama has escalated beyond its back-and-forth dynamic, leading to doxing, potential for legal action, and a series of YouTube videos by TheActMan detailing everything going on behind-the-scenes.

Like Twitch, the platform is no stranger to wacky events: for example, recently Epic Meal Time’s Harley challenged DrDisrespect to a boxing match on YouTube. However, the drama between TheActMan and QuantumTV is a truly remarkable case, and could go as far as becoming a landmark case for YouTube, specifically when looking into how they handle violations of their own terms of service.


This is because recently TheActMan has entirely devoted his channel towards showing QuantumTV’s violations of the terms, pointing out not only how QuantumTV did so, but also where he tried to cover his tracks and avoid suspicion. In the process, QuantumTV posted about the situation as well, bashing TheActMan and other YouTubers over the drama. However, YouTube seems to have sided with QuantumTV in the situation as they have demonetized TheActMan’s entire channel.

Reddit user KonaboF clipped a portion of TheActMan’s stream and posted it to Reddit; in the clip, TheActman revealed that YouTube had demonetized his channel at the same time he was in a meeting with some of their representatives. Reddit users were quick to come to TheActMan’s defense, calling out YouTube for being hypocritical and choosing the wrong side. There have even been calls for TheActMan to take legal action, much like YouTube’s TheAngryJoeShow threatening CBS.

The summary of the entire situation is that TheActMan and others called out QuantumTV for a poor Elden Ring review, after which QuantumTV responded bashing them. In response, TheActMan did some digging, and found that QuantumTV had violated YouTube’s terms of service many times, including some statements that would make IShowSpeed’s sexist Valorant rant look tame. After this, QuantumTV doxed TheActMan’s mother and called her house phone. Many believed this information, revealed by TheActMan and confirmed by QuantumTV, would surely warrant a response from YouTube, and they were correct. However, the response was to remove TheActMan’s videos and now demonetize his channel.

TheActMan believes the reason YouTube demonetized his channel was due to a series of satirical tweets where he joked about doxing YouTube representatives, but he quickly deleted them when he realized people were taking them poorly. Frankly, at this point the two YouTubers will either end up in a legal battle or have to settle the dispute with a challenge: perhaps QuantumTV will take a note from DrDisrespect’s response to YouTube’s Harley and issue a boxing match.

Source: Gamerant

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