The Wolf Among Us 2 News is Coming ‘Soon’

Fans of The Wolf Among Us can anticipate news on the series’ second installment soon, as Telltale confirms that an update is coming.

At The Game Awards 2019, developer Telltale Games announced that The Wolf Among Us 2 was in pre-production. However, Telltale has since laid low, leaving The Wolf Among Us fans questioning what was happening – though thankfully, an update is on the way.

Telltale Games acknowledged that it had nothing to show alongside the announcement of The Wolf Among Us 2 over two years ago, and that it had nothing to say about it during The Game Awards 2021 just a few days ago. However, Telltale took to Twitter with a blog post stating that it is aware fans have been waiting patiently, with news set to come very “soon.”


This news is undoubtedly exciting, considering the troubles Telltale Games has experienced over the last few years. Since Telltale Games was acquired by LCG Entertainment in 2019, after its shutdown in 2018, it seemed that The Wolf Among Us 2 would never see the light of day prior to the announcement that the game was back in development and starting from scratch. Since then, Telltale has been “rebuilding a new studio” and “working in a new engine” as it plans to open up about the latest changes in issue 342 of Game Informer magazine, which drops in a couple of weeks.

Telltale Games gave little hints to fans before the announcement at The Game Awards 2020, in which it stated that The Wolf Among Us 2 would take a different approach. Instead of being episodic, the entire season will release as one game. Although that is the last major update the developers have given about the title, the wait before the next won’t be much longer. According to the post, fans will “have something else you can really sink your teeth into early next year”.

With this latest announcement, gamers will hopefully have their questions answered as to the direction The Wolf Among Us 2 may be going. Considering the game will not pick up from its Season 1 cliffhanger, it will be interesting to see if the cryptic ending is acknowledged in any way. According to the trailer released at The Game Awards 2019, it seems that Snow is also taking a different approach with Bigby.

Although fans may agree that it’s taken forever to hear more about The Wolf Among Us 2, the future looks brighter now that an update regarding the game’s progress is on the way. With Telltale Games’ unfortunate closure and exciting revival now in the past, fans can look forward to a deeper look at the game once the next issue of Game Informer arrives.

The Wolf Among Us 2 is currently in development.

Source: Telltale Games

Source: Gamerant

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