The Quarry Director Talks About Story, Playthrough Length, and New Death Rewind Mechanic

The director of the upcoming horror game The Quarry has talked about an average playthrough’s length as well as the new “Death Rewind” mechanic.

Supermassive Games recently announced that it would be partnering with publisher 2K Games in order to create The Quarry. It has been described as a spiritual successor to the developer’s claim to fame, Until Dawn, which saw plenty of success when it released in 2015 as an exclusive for Sony and the PS4 console. Much like Until Dawn and many other Supermassive Games’ projects, The Quarry is a cinematic horror adventure game that is inspired by teen slashers and other horror genres.


The Quarry is building off of what made Until Dawn so popular, as player choice is the key component of the experience. Many of the decisions made within the gameplay have long-lasting effects on the game’s narrative, which can dictate whether a certain character lives or dies. This gives fans the experience of an interactive horror movie, with the character’s lives all in the player’s hands. With the game launching in about a month, director Will Byles sat down with SegmentNext to discuss some aspects that players can expect in this upcoming adventure.

One of the first questions asked was how the story was handled, considering The Quarry has multiple endings depending on the choices made. Byles noted that one of the biggest challenges that he ran into when writing it was keeping track of where all nine main characters in the game, as well as the possible choices that were made that could impact the narrative. He also had to make sure that the story of The Quarry was able to continue even if one character has died.

Byles was also asked about a new mechanic that will be introduced into the gameplay of The Quarry, which is the Death Rewind system. Byles describes this as a retry mechanic that gives the player three “lives” that can help avoid a certain character’s death. Upon using one of these lives, the player will be taken back to the moment right before a critical choice that would result in that character’s death, allowing them to choose something different. He notes that this system will only be available upon finishing the game’s story once, or if the player has purchased The Quarry‘s Deluxe Edition.

One of the last questions that was asked was regarding The Quarry‘s length, especially how long a single playthrough is expected to last. Byles notes that the playthrough length will ultimately depend on the player, but notes that going through the story could take about ten hours. However, he notes the game is designed to be highly replayable, as some players might be curious to see the alternate paths and choices available, giving fans a lot to explore after seeing the story for the first time.

The Quarry launches June 10 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: SegmentNext

Source: Gamerant

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