The Last of Us PS5 Remaster Leaks Release Date, Trailer, and More

It’s been rumored for quite some time that Naughty Dog was working on a PS5 remaster of The Last of Us, and as it turns out, those rumors were true. Leaked ahead of a probable Summer Game Fest reveal, PlayStation itself has prematurely posted a trailer and screenshots of The Last of Us PS5 remaster, along with the game’s release date and other details about what fans can expect when it releases later this year.

Now titled The Last of Us Part 1, those interested in reliving Ellie and Joel’s adventure can choose between a standard version of the game that costs $69.99 and a Firefly Edition that retails for $99.99. The Firefly Edition of the game includes The Last of Us, the Left Behind expansion, a limited edition steelbook display case, The Last of Us: American Dreams #1 – #4 comics, and early in-game unlocks.


As previously leaked, The Last of Us remaster release date is September 2. Come launch, The Last of Us fans will be able to experience an enhanced version of the original game, with “improved controls” and “expanded accessibility options.” The leaked listing also boasts about “improved effects and enhanced exploration and combat,” so it seems fans can count on the game taking full advantage of the PS5’s DualSense controller and its unique capabilities.

Judging by the trailer, The Last of Us Part 1 will be putting the PS5’s added horsepower to good use. The game looks as though it’s running incredibly smooth, and it will be interesting to see more of it in action, to say the least. It also will be interesting to see if there are any significant story changes or new additions to The Last of Us lore, but fans will likely have to wait for launch to find out. In the meantime, The Last of Us‘ multiplayer Factions mode is not mentioned in the leaked listing at all, so it seems this will be a single-player only adventure.

Something else of note is that the game will also be coming to PC. A Last of Us PC port has been expected since Sony started bringing its blockbusters to the platform, but it’s unclear exactly when the PC version will be available. The PC version of The Last of Us Part 1 won’t launch alongside the PS5 release come September, but beyond that, nothing else is known about that version’s availability.

It’s probable that the official reveal will happen during Summer Game Fest, which is set to take place later today at 11am PT. At that point, fans can expect an official trailer and assets to be released. We will update this article with the official trailer when it becomes available.

The Last of Us Part 1 will launch for PS5 on September 2, with a PC version also in development.

Source: Gamerant

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