The Last of Us Fan Makes Awesome Video Game Locker Based On The Series

A talented fan of The Last of Us series makes an incredible prop based on the franchise, with the item serving as a functional game shelf.

The powerful storytelling of The Last of Us has seen the franchise become important to many gamers, some of which happen to be talented artists. One such fan of The Last of Us has put their artistic talent to good use, creating a useful prop based on the series.

This is not the first time that The Last of Us fans have made real life items themed around Naughty Dog’s beloved series. Earlier this year, a player crafted some adorable dolls based on Joel and Ellie. Countless cosplays have been shared that show players dressing up as various characters, while another fan has gone out of their way to recreate Ellie’s journal in real life. With paintings made, statues customized, and tattoos shown off, fans have shared many unique creations.


However, despite all the Last of Us posts that have been shared thus far, Reddit user _HermioneDanger_ has managed to design something that is different from what has come before. They have created a special locker that looks like it comes straight from the series’ post-apocalyptic world, as the brick wall that serves as a backdrop looks completely overtaken by nature. A newspaper with the headline “The Last of Us” can be seen on the ground, while a wanted poster of Marlene is seen on the wall. A wooden palette is another nice touch.

The star of the show is the locker itself, which is extremely detailed. The blue color looks faded and warn, with the artist making sure to leave unpainted sections in certain places to capture a realistic feel. Some vines can be seen creeping across the bottom of the locker, with the label 926 seen on the storage container. The Firefly logo is also spray painted onto the locker, looking just like some of the graffiti that can be found in the two games. However, what makes the locker special is that it is fully functional.

The locker in question has two shelves that _HermioneDanger_ can use to store their games. While they use the top shelf for some The Last of Us books, adding a bit more decoration to the intricate game holder, the bottom shelf holds three video game cases. The Last of Us 2’s cover art is clearly seen at the front, showing some love for last year’s award-winning title. With the locker being 20×14 inches, it is a lot larger than it looks on first glance, making it a great way to store its creator’s favorite games.

With over 1,400 upvotes and tons of positive comments from fellow The Last of Us fans – many of which say that they would buy the prop if it was put up for sale – _HermioneDanger_ should be satisfied with the response. Hopefully, this creative prop will inspire Naughty Dog to release something similar during a future Outbreak Day.

Source: Gamerant

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