The Boys: Gen V Might Feature A Superpowered Cameo

The Boys has yet to announce when Amazon Prime Video’s superhero series will return. With the impending release of the Gen V spinoff, there’s a lot of room to cover after the shocking events of season 3, including the fate of Jensen Ackles’ beloved Soldier Boy, who could return sooner than expected.

In The Boys‘ season 3 finale, Mallory and the CIA put Soldier Boy back to sleep. However, showrunner Eric Kripke has teased that he and Queen Maeve are characters who will come back eventually due to their massive popularity, even if it’s not clear when that will be. Soldier Boy’s outspoken personality and crass humor were an absolute hit, and since Kripke and Ackles go way back to Supernatural, it’s not surprising that they might work together again.


In a Collider interview with Supernatural duo Jared Padalecki and Ackles, the latter mentioned that Soldier Boy returns in Gen V, albeit for a “brief moment” only. Soldier Boy can come back in many ways, including his many Vought International ads, so when Ackles and Kripke were brainstorming, they ultimately decided on something that the actors called a “heavily [improvised]” cameo. Ackles also said fans should expect “a few cameos from the mothership that come into this spin-off.”

Ackles is currently working on a different spinoff titled The Winchesters. In the prequel, his Supernatural character Dean Winchester narrates his parents’ monster-hunting love story. The link between Supernatural and The Boys franchises comes from Kripke, who first became famous as the creator of the long-running dark fantasy Supernatural, even if nowadays he’s focusing on giving Marvel a run for its money with The Boys.

It must be said that neither Gen V nor The Boys season 4 currently has an official release date. The spinoff began and finished filming months ahead of the main show, so in all likelihood, Gen V will be a preamble to the fourth season. Regarding the timeline, Gen V is expected to be set between seasons 3 and 4 of the original series, and its events to develop somewhat concurrently with The Boys.

Gen V will feature the blood-centric supe Marie Moreau (Jaz Sinclair) as its protagonist. Her life at Godolkin University’s School of Crimefighting is the main narrative, meaning Soldier Boy has solid chances of being some canceled course material students don’t care for.

The Boys: Gen V will release exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

Source: Collider

Source: Gamerant

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