The best tech and gadget gifts for less than $25

Wanting to treat a friend or a loved one to some tech or a cool gadget while on a very lean budget can feel like an impossible task. Most of the everyday devices we use cost multiple hundreds of dollars, so what do you get when you just want a nice birthday or “just because” kind of gift but can’t break the bank? Sure, you can default to something basic like socks or a scarf, but that gets boring quick.

Here, we’ve assembled a bunch of cool tech ideas on a budget of just $25 that are worth your money, including a dual headphone stand ($19.99), a quality USB-C charging cable ($9.99), and other essentials. That may not sound very exciting at first, but when that cable is 10 feet long and sustains 100 watts of power — which is enough to charge a full-size MacBook Pro — you’ve got yourself a helpful gift any tech-head can appreciate.

Belkin Magnetic Wireless Charger

Cheaper and longer than Apple’s own MagSafe puck for iPhones

If someone you know has an iPhone 13 or 14, they have a nifty way to wirelessly charge their phone with the magic of magnets (insert vigorous jazz-hands). Apple’s MagSafe standard may still be a little underbaked and overpriced if you want a charger or portable battery that magnetically attaches and charges quickly, but other manufacturers have plenty of magnetic chargers that cost less. A great example is the Belkin Magnetic Wireless Charger, which is a charging puck with a longer cable than Apple’s MagSafe puck — it’s 6.6 feet long compared to the 3.3 of Apple’s. Sure, it won’t charge quite as fast since it’s limited to 7.5W, but the lengthy cable is more convenient as a bedside charger because it actually gives you enough slack to use your phone while attached. Best of all, it’s currently available on Amazon for $13.99 with a 20W USB-C power adapter.


Belkin’s Magnetic Wireless Charger isn’t true MagSafe, but it wirelessly charges Qi-compatible phones and has built-in magnets to attach to iPhone 12 and 13 models with a firm connection and deliver 7.5 watts of power.

A great, lengthy USB-C cable is just too handy to be without. And once you have one you soon find a need for having more than one, like playing while charging your Nintendo Switch or PlayStation DualSense controller.

A great, lengthy USB-C cable is just too handy to be without. And once you have one you soon find a need for having more than one, like playing while charging your Nintendo Switch or PlayStation DualSense controller.
Image: Uni

Uni USB-C to USB-C cable (10 feet)

A much longer braided cable for laptop charging

Even when someone is working from home, it’s annoying to have a charging cable that’s too short. Most laptops and other devices come with cables that are barely long enough for many everyday situations. This lengthy USB-C cable from Uni gives much more flexibility for even larger laptops that require a lot of wattage. It supports 100 watts — which is enough for the latest 16-inch MacBook Pro — and it only costs $19.99 at Amazon, with frequent discounts and coupons dropping it down to as low as $8.19. A cable may not sound like an exciting gift, but I’m sure your loved one will appreciate not being tethered so close to a wall.


A lengthy USB-C cable that delivers 100 watts of power, enough to power a full-size laptop like the 16-inch MacBook Pro when plugged into an adequate power adapter.

KBDFans Japanese Style Deskmat

A slick desk mat with a sleek, clean design

Fancy keyboards and mice can get pricey, and they’re also very personal items that are tricky to gift someone. However, a desk mat that’s stylish and affordable makes for a great gift on a budget. The KBDFans Japanese Style Deskmat costs $15 and comes in a few different patterns — though black or gray certainly go with just about anything. If there’s a mechanical keyboard lover in your life not yet using a desk mat, get them started with something slick that doesn’t cost you a ton or require a lengthy group-buy wait time.


A stylish desk mat that comes in a variety of clean, simple patterns. It measures 900 x 400 x 4mm / 35.4 x 15.7 x 0.16 inches to cover the workspace under your keyboard and mouse.

Custom Mechanical Switch Tester

Get someone into mechanical keyboards or feed a burgeoning hunger

Turning someone onto mechanical keyboards can feel a bit like you’re enabling some reckless behavior and spending, but you’re simply encouraging a fun hobby. A mechanical switch tester is a nice way to stick a toe in the water and see what you may be missing out on. These dummy boards allow you to try out key switches and see how they operate before investing in a whole mechanical keyboard. They’re perfect for feeling and hearing the differences between all kinds of linear, tactile, and clicky switches. This nine-switch tester (a two-by-three board) with clear keycaps from CuriousTinkerings on Etsy is $22 — just beneath our budget threshold — and the best part is that you can pick out the nine switches from a dizzying list of 200.


A custom-built tester for mechanical keyboard switches. These fidget-friendly boards are solely for gauging the feel of different kinds of switches.

Besign LS10 Aluminum Laptop Stand

Give the gift of neck relief and better posture

If a friend or loved one cranes their neck when working from home on a laptop, they deserve some relief. Elevating a laptop to eye level is not only healthier for your posture, but it makes you look better on video calls, too. The Besign LS10 laptop stand normally runs $24.99 on Amazon, but it’s almost always discounted to around $20. It has an adjustable hinge design, so it sets up to the height you need and easily folds away when not in use. Plus, with a claimed weight capacity of 13 pounds, it’s strong enough to hold even some hefty full-size laptops.


An adjustable stand that elevates a laptop to eye level. It’s rated to support up to 13 pounds, and is currently available in either black or silver.

ZMI PowerPack 10,000mAh battery

How do you make a power bank look dignified? Deck it out in herringbone fabric

There are a lot of power banks out there, but not all of them combine a hefty capacity, speedy charging, and sleek looks for a low price. The ZMI PowerPack 10,000mAh power bank ticks all those boxes for just $15.99, however. It has a two-way USB-C port for charging it as well as outputting up to 18 watts with Power Delivery, allowing you to quickly juice up your devices. Also, its chassis has a cool herringbone-like fabric pattern for that extra refinement (monocles and sweater vests are not required but appreciated).


The ZMI PowerPack 10K sports a 10,000mAh capacity and features both USB Power Delivery 2.0 and Quick Charge 2.0 / 3.0 fast charging support.

iFixit Moray Driver Kit

For the “I bet I can fix it myself” folks in your life

The iFixit Moray Driver Kit is a great gift for any handy person who likes to tinker. The little kit has a magnetized bit driver with a cleverly hidden SIM eject tool, and it connects to one of the included 32 screwdriver bits, which encompass everything from flathead and Phillips to torx, pentalobe, hex, and tri-point. There’s even an iPhone standoff bit for cleanly accessing internal logic boards. For $19.99 at Amazon or direct from iFixit, you can equip your giftee with just about everything they need to make small repairs or carry out weekend projects (like replacing an aging battery in their phone).

The iFixit Moray kit


A handy toolkit comprised of a bit driver and 32 screwdriver bits, which are stored in a magnetized case with a lid that doubles as a sorting tray.

Bluetooth Aux Receiver

Help someone with an older car feel a bit more modern

It’s well-established these days that cars are turning into tech appliances on wheels. To many folks, horsepower and drivetrain play second fiddle to Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. But for people still sticking to their older cars that lack all of these modern conveniences, a simple tool like a Bluetooth adapter can make all the difference in improving a commute or enjoying a lengthy road trip. This Bluetooth Aux Receiver for just $16.99 on Amazon may look about as basic as they come, but it plugs into a 3.5mm aux jack and connects via Bluetooth 5.0 to up to two devices. It’s a simple, no-frills way to enjoy all your music and podcasts on the road as well as take hands-free phone calls for added safety.


Aux receiver that can plus into any 3.5mm audio port and connect to your phone or other device via Bluetooth.

Asicen’s 3-in-1 charging cable is one of the handiest cables around, uniting iPhone and Android users with one multi-prong connector.

Asicen’s 3-in-1 charging cable is one of the handiest cables around, uniting iPhone and Android users with one multi-prong connector.
Image: Asicen

Asicen 3-in-1 Retractable Charging Cable

You’ve never had a more convenient cable

This gift idea is off the charts when it comes to the “I didn’t know I needed this, but now I can’t live without it” factor. These retractable 3-in-1 charging cables have Lightning, USB-C, and Micro USB connectors, allowing you to connect to just about any device in any location. They’re perfect for the car, especially if two or more people have to share a lone USB port for both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay duties. They also help keep your desk tidy if you only once in a while need to charge a wireless mouse or keyboard and want a cable at the ready. All that functionality just costs $13.99 (in white) or $11.99 (in black) on Amazon for a pair. This gift idea is perfect for uniting any household divided between Apple fans and Android users.


A two-pack of retractable cables that each include Lightning / Micro USB / USB-C charging ports on a single 3.3-foot flat cable.

Beam Electronics phone car mount

A phone is still better than most car head units out there

Look, even with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, most car head units still kinda suck. Having a phone mounted to the dashboard via an air vent is helpful for just about anyone. This basic car mount by Beam Electronics is easy to set up and simple to operate, and it costs just $12.99 at Amazon. Even if someone has a jumbo-sized phone, they can throw it on the cradle, clamp it in, and go. It won’t slide out of the holder even during some spirited driving, but it easily releases with the push of a button on the back.


This car mount phone cradle attaches to an air vent and is large enough to accommodate even jumbo-size phones, like the iPhone Pro Max models of the world.

KZ ES4 wired earbuds

Yes, we live in the age of true wireless earbuds. But even an ultra-budget pair of OnePlus Nord Buds are still outside our range of $25. What is in our range is the KZ ES4, which are currently on sale for just $19.99 in blue, black, and green on Amazon. The 3.5mm wired earbuds have detachable cables and a see-through design that looks unique compared to just about any other earbuds out there. These are some excellent and interesting earbuds for the money and perfect for anyone who values spending quality time with their music without the bulk of big, expensive headphones. They make an appropriate gift for anyone who appreciates something with some quirky vibes, though be sure they have a phone that still has a headphone jack or that they’re still an iPod holdout.


Inexpensive but high quality wired over-the-ear earbuds.

JLab Go Air

Okay, maybe you can get some wireless earbuds under $25 that don’t suck

The platform-agnostic JLab Go Air offer the bare minimum for wireless earbuds, but it’s hard to argue with their price. Their full MSRP might be $30, but they are nearly always on sale for far less. Right now, for instance, you can get them on Amazon in various colors for just $14.99. Now, it may not be a great idea to gift these to someone who has their eyes set on a pair of AirPods or something with active noise cancellation, but their IPX4 water resistance and five hours of battery life — or 21 hours, with the included charging case — help them make a compelling case for themselves at such a low, low price.


JLab’s Go Air are an affordable pair of wireless earbuds with five hours of battery life (or 21 hours with the included charging case). The case houses a built-in USB-A charging plug so you’re never without a charging cable.

Apple AirTags or Tile Mate location trackers

If someone you know is the type that might misplace their most valued everyday items, like their wallet or keys, a location tracker might just be a lifesaver for them. Now, there are some options to consider for this gift. Generally speaking, if they use an iPhone, then the Apple AirTags are a great option, while the Tile Mate is a safe bet for both Android and iOS users alike. However, while the AirTags do dip down to our budget price of $25, when on sale, they normally go for $29. The Tile Mate is the safer buy if you don’t know what phone your gift recipient uses, and it’s $24.99 at Amazon, Best Buy, and Target.

An AirTag in an Apple keychain accessory


Apple’s AirTags can help you find your lost items with its UWB technology. You’ll get the best compatibility with an iPhone, though Apple released an Android app to detect an AirTag’s location if one seems to be following you.


The update to the Tile Mate doesn’t change much but gives it a softer, more rounded design to make it more durable.

The PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller is a budget-friendly option for Xbox and PC that is great to have on-hand for local multiplayer games.

The PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller is a budget-friendly option for Xbox and PC that is great to have on-hand for local multiplayer games.
Photo by Antonio G. Di Benedetto / The Verge

PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller or Turtle Beach React-R controller

A budget controller that’s often on sale for right around $25

The Enhanced Wired Controller from PowerA is such an exceptional value of a gamepad for Xbox consoles and Windows PCs. Sure, it’s not wireless, but its only other fault is that it uses a dated Micro USB connector for its detachable cable. Everything else about this controller outperforms its asking price. PowerA makes this controller in all kinds of colors and designs, normally priced at $37.99, but there’s almost always one of them on sale for around $25. It was picked as the best budget option in our buying guide, and it makes a great gift if a gamer in your life is in need of a wired controller with a splash of color.


The PowerA Enhanced Wired Controller is a budget-minded wired controller for Xbox and PC that connects via Micro USB and features two customizable buttons on its rear. It’s offered in many different colors and licensed designs.

The Turtle Beach React-R is another great third-party gamepad option for Xbox and PC. It’s mostly on par with the PowerA controller, with two customizable rear buttons and USB-C instead of Micro USB. The React-R also borrows some audio features from the pricier Turtle Beach Recon, which allows you to better pinpoint enemy sounds with wired headphones in multiplayer games. The React-R normally sells for $39.95 but it’s been discounted to $24.95 direct from Turtle Beach, making it an excellent value and gift.

A side-by-side image of the Turtle Beach React-R controllers, black on the left and white / purple on the right.


Turtle Beach’s React-R is a stripped-down version of its Recon controller that maintains the Superhuman Hearing setting and rear buttons but omits EQ presets, mic monitoring, and Pro-Aim for a lower price.

A $25 digital gift card for Xbox, PlayStation, Steam, or Nintendo eShop

Give the gift of some quality PC or console games

I know gift cards often seem like the ultimate cop-out, but gifting digital games or smaller indie titles is not always easy. Yes, Steam allows you to buy a game digitally as a gift for someone on your friends list, but you don’t have that option for Nintendo, PlayStation, or Xbox storefronts. Enter the gift card. Whether you know the exact game someone wants or you haven’t got a clue, let them purchase it themselves and remember who helped finance their hundreds of hours of enjoyment to come. 

Bonus points if you do know what game they want and you decorate a card or email message for them accordingly. Now that’s some expert-level gifting.


With a Nintendo eShop gift card, you can purchase more than 1,000 new, classic, and indie games from the Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo Switch. You can buy a card for as low as $5.


A Steam gift card can buy all kinds of PC indie or AAA-titles on the Steam digital storefront. They can even go towards the purchase of a Steam Deck, and purchased in $5, $10, $25, $50, or $100 increments.

The Xbox logo


In addition to games on the Xbox storefront, an Xbox gift card can also be put toward a subscription to Xbox Live or Xbox / PC Game Pass. A digital gift card can be purchased for a value ranging from $1 to $100.


A gift card for Sony’s PlayStation Store is good for all kinds of titles, add-ons, and downloadable content. They are normally sold in $10, $25, $50, and $100 values.

Samsung microSD card

Perfect for expanding the storage of a Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck

If someone you know plays a lot of games on a Nintendo Switch or Steam Deck, a microSD card is a tiny gift that can make a huge difference. Many Samsung microSD cards go on sale frequently, and you can easily get a 128GB card at retailers like Amazon for just $15.99. That’s twice the amount of built-in storage found on the fancier Switch OLED model and the base Steam Deck, allowing many more games to be installed at once — especially if you play lots of small indie titles. And don’t fret on the performance front; as our own Sean Hollister pointed out in his re-review of the Steam Deck, there’s barely a noticeable difference in performance between playing games off your console’s internal storage and playing them off an optional microSD card (save for some slightly slower install times).


Give your Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, laptop, or a compatible smartphone a storage boost with this Samsung microSD card, which comes with an included microSD to SD adapter.

Joby GripTight ONE GorillaPod Stand

A simple tripod for phone photography and videos

Sometimes planting your phone somewhere with a tripod is far superior for capturing a group selfie or a quality landscape photo. The Joby GripTight ONE costs just $21.35 and comes with an adjustable clamp mount. It can even be used as a short selfie stick or simple stabilizer when taking video. It’s a great gift for anyone curious about doing more with their phone when it comes to taking pictures or just making things easier for recording TikTok videos while they talk to the camera.


The Joby GripTight ONE GorillaPod is a flexible tripod for your phone, with an adjustable clamp that accommodates even larger models.

Elago Apple Watch stand

A charming little mount for your Apple Watch charger

While there are many Apple Watch charging solutions out there, they’re usually a bit pricey and not at all cute. This Elago stand is absolutely adorable, as once you thread your Apple Watch charging puck into it, your watch turns into a mini Macintosh computer, iMac, GameBoy, or iPod Classic (okay, not really, but it looks a bit like one while in nightstand mode). These little stands range from $12.99 to $15.99 on Elago’s site or on Amazon, and they make a charming novelty of a gift for anyone who loves some vintage tech nostalgia.


These adorable Apple Watch stands from Elago are made of silicone and styled after vintage tech. Mount your Apple Watch charger in it, and it looks like an old Macintosh Plus computer while charging.

Anker 511 Charger (30W)

Save someone from their old 5W wall warts

Know someone still using an old five-watt USB-A charger that’s nearly old enough to get a learner’s permit? Here’s how you can help and be a considerate friend or family member who saves them from it. Anker’s 511 Chargers are incredibly tiny but output up to 30 watts for enough headroom to fast charge most phones — including the latest iPhone models. They cost just $22.99 at Amazon or direct from Anker, too, and even come in some fun colors like green and lavender, in addition to white and black. Just be sure that any old chargers they replace get recycled properly.


Anker’s 30W 511 Nano Charger juices phones quickly and is small enough to carry around in a purse.

TP-Link Kasa Smart Plug Mini (three-pack)

The perfect entry-point into smart home tech

When it comes to getting started with smart home stuff, it’s best to ease into it by giving “dumb” appliances and devices some added smarts. The TP-Link Kasa smart plugs allow you to plug in things like lamps or outdoor lights and set up scheduled timers and remote controls through platforms like Amazon’s Alexa platform. You can get someone a three-pack of them for $24.99 at Amazon. In addition to lights, you can even set one up to do something handy like remotely power-cycling your home router when it inevitably misbehaves — even without having to get up from the couch. The possibilities are pretty much endless.


TP-Link’s Kasa smart plug is an affordable way to add smarts to any household and includes support for Amazon Alexa, HomeKit, and Hey Google as well as various scheduling functions.

Wyze Bulb Color

Smart light bulbs: how most of us get into smart homes and automation

Instead of making normal lights smart, you can opt for some basic smart bulbs from Wyze. The Wyze Bulb Color is a bright light that can reach a peak brightness of 1,100 lumens —which is around what pricier Philips Hue bulbs can output — and it costs only around $14.37 on Amazon. The bulbs are compatible with either Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for voice control, and they can be dimmed, set to a range of colors, or placed on a timer.


Wyze’s Color LED smart bulbs can turn on, off, and dim via Wi-Fi. They’re also compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and can reach a peak brightness of 1,100 lumens.

Meross Smart Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener Remote

For any anxious person who always fears they left the garage door open

You may chuckle, but we all know someone who has a small anxiety attack about every little thing when they leave the house — especially when it’s for a vacation. The Meross Wi-Fi Garage Door Opener Remote is just one small way of maintaining peace of mind. Set it up with your garage door opener, and you can remotely open or close it even when you’re not home, thanks to compatibility with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung’s SmartThings. This base model costs just under $22 at Amazon. It doesn’t work with Apple’s HomeKit, sadly, but that model costs a good amount more.


The Meross Smart Garage Door Opener Remote allows a garage door to be opened from anywhere through an internet connection and the Meross app. This base model supports Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and SmartThings.

Ugreen USB-C 6-in-1 Hub

Got a friend who is having a tough time in dongle town? This inexpensive USB-C hub from Ugreen has most things covered, and it’s only $21.99 on Amazon. No matter if they need a USB 3.0 port or HDMI-out, it’s all here. There are even SD and microSD card slots, which you don’t always get with USB hubs at this price. It’s a great option for someone that has a recent M1 / M2 Mac laptop or a Mac Mini or even someone intending on getting the new M2 MacBook Pro. Advanced users, however, may prefer a hub that has a passthrough USB-C charging port as well, which will cost more.


Ugreen’s 6-in-1 USB-C hub supports three USB 3.0 ports, HDMI-out, and a combo SD / microSD reader.

A desktop headphone stand or under-desk headphone mount

What’s the over-under on a headphone fan loving this gift?

We all love a great pair of noise-canceling headphones or a gaming headset, but even if they’re wireless, they certainly take up a lot of space. A headphone stand or mount is a great gift for anyone who spends a lot of time at their desk and wants to keep things tidy (or if you encourage them to keep things tidy and they really should be listening to you). Here are two appealing options for them to either show off their headphones when not using them or keep them tucked away and out of sight. The Neetto Dual Headphones Stand prominently displays two full-size headphones on a desk with a central tray for more organization, and it costs just $19.99 at Amazon. Or, the Anchor Pro hanger attaches to the underside of a desk with 3M adhesive to hide away two pairs of headphones, and it costs $15.95 at Amazon. Take your pick and help someone keep their cool audio gear neat.


This dual headphones desk stand is made of aluminum and features a tray for resting a cable or keeping handy accessories nearby.


An under-desk dual headphones hanger that uses 3M adhesive for mounting and an included velcro strap to anchor a headphone cable.

Source: The Verge

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