Tesla is now taking votes for its next Supercharger locations

Currently, Lake Okeechobee, Florida, is in the lead with 558 votes (at the time of writing). The town of about 5,000 people doesn’t have any Supercharging station, with the closest one being 32 miles east in Fort Pierce. There aren’t any Tesla Level 2 destination charging in town, either, according to PlugShare.

Lake Okeechobee does, however, have a DC fast charging station near the center of town that plays nice with all other EV manufacturers. Tesla customers in the US can buy an adapter to convert CHAdeMO plugs, and Tesla recently released a CCS Combo 1 adapter as well, but not all cars can support the latter without a Tesla service upgrade. In that regard, Lake Okeechobee seems to be a good candidate for a new Supercharging station.

With no Supercharging stations around, PlugShare user William charged their Model S with a CHAdeMO adapter at this Okeechobee, FL FPL EVolution station.
Image: PlugShare

In fourth place, we have Starbase, Texas, at 451 votes at time of writing. That is SpaceX’s spaceport in Boca Chica, where the company produces rockets like the Falcon Heavy and has many fans living nearby to observe everything SpaceX is doing. Other big votes include: Big Bear Lake, California, with 537 votes; Bolzano, Italy, with 454 votes; Laguna Beach, California, with 379 votes; Princeton, New Jersey, with 286 votes; and Philadelphia with 295 votes — which I’ll personally vote for only because the Eagles are undefeated.

Hopefully, as the Supercharger network grows, Tesla will start adding stations that support other EVs in the US soon

It’s an easier task to open up Superchargers in Europe and Asia to non-Tesla EVs since there is a standard EV connector. In North America, however, Tesla still uses a proprietary connecter to charge its cars.

Hopefully, as the Supercharger network grows, Tesla will start adding stations that support other EVs in the US soon. It’s at least warming up to the idea; Tesla just started selling a new version of its at-home Level 2 Wall Connector charger that has the widely used J1772 plug.

Source: The Verge

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