Target Gifts Arizona Mom 6 Nintendo Switch Consoles Mistakenly Delivered to Her

It can be discouraging to be a gamer in the current era of many in-demand electronics promptly being scooped up by scalpers purely to resell at a much higher price. While some might see multiple Nintendo Switches showing up on their doorstep and seize the opportunity to make some cash, one mom in Arizona did the right thing and was richly rewarded as a result.

The heartwarming story emerged after the mom, Deborah Lewis of Ahwatukee, caught the attention of the local news due to her multiple attempts to return the Nintendo Switch consoles. However, what ultimately ended up happening made her and a pair of Target employees very happy.


According to Lewis, the debacle started when she went to retrieve one of her regular large deliveries to her home. Lewis regularly receives medical supplies at her house, so seeing a number of boxes didn’t initially trigger any concerns. However, it quickly became apparent that a delivery had been dropped off with her instead of the Target store down the street. The contents? Six brand new Nintendo Switch consoles.

After her multiple attempts to return the Switch consoles, Target corporate decided to do something unusual. Instead of accepting the Switch returns, they instead sent two employees, Trent and Allison, to her home to inform her that Target had decided to let her keep the consoles to give away to her children, grandchildren, or anyone else that she wanted to.


Deborah Lewis was taken aback by it, reportedly saying “You’re going to make me cry,” and “It’s just so amazing. I’ve never had anything like this happen. I feel like I’m dreaming. I wasn’t looking for anything.” It will surely be a very happy Christmas for her lucky recipients, especially as she had received multiple requests for one of the Switch consoles while she was trying to do the right thing.

This story may come as a breath of fresh air to gaming enthusiasts, especially considering some of the events of the year. Amid the mass shortage of semi-conductors due to the continuing pandemic, finding any kind of console or video card can be quite a challenge. However, matters only get worse when criminals enter the picture, with a truck heist stealing Nvidia RTX 30 video cards and further eliminating stock in the process.

While the Nintendo Switch hasn’t seen the overwhelming shortages of stock as consoles like the Xbox Series X/S and PS5 this year, it’s still extremely popular. It’s nice to see a store rewarding someone for doing the right thing when they could have made a very tidy profit instead.

Source: 12News

Source: Gamerant

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