Tales of Symphonia Anime Goes Up on YouTube

Bandai Namco promotes the upcoming Tales of Symphonia Remastered by uploading an episode of the Tales of Symphonia anime on YouTube.

An episode of Tales of Symphonia The Animation has just been uploaded to YouTube. The Tales of Symphonia anime, which first aired back in 2007, consisted of three arcs of original video animation: Sylvarant Episode, Tethe’alla Episode, and United World Episode. With Tales of Symphonia Remastered coming out on February 17, 2023, it seems like the most appropriate time to promote the game using various means and other existing media properties.

For those unfamiliar with the game, Tales of Symphonia is an action role-playing game and is the fifth main title in the Tales Of series. Originally available on GameCube and PlayStation 2, Tales of Symphonia follows protagonist Lloyd in the fictional world of Sylvarant as he tries to save the world. Throughout his quest, he encounters many new dangers and eventually discovers that saving Sylvarant would mean the destruction of Tethe’alla—a parallel world.


As announced by the official Tales of Series Twitter account, the first episode of the Sylvarant Arc of Tales of Symphonia the Animation has just been uploaded to Bandai Namco Europe’s YouTube account. Upon checking the available videos, four subbed versions (Japanese dub) are ready for viewing with English, Spanish, Italian, and French subtitles. In addition, the official Tales of YouTube Channel has a scheduled premiere for the second episode, which will be airing on January 25. This may signify that the first OVA will possibly be available officially on YouTube.

With Symphonia ranking as one of the best from the Tales Of franchise, the hype for the upcoming remaster may be at a high. If so, then this is a great way to build more anticipation for the franchise and the title. This way, fans may relive the story without having to whip up and dust off the old consoles and just watch their way through the story. Then, once the remaster comes out, gamers can experience the updated game in all its glory and play through everything once again.

The Tales Of series is one of the most celebrated franchises in gaming history. With its unique mechanics and other interesting gameplay features, it has built up its own fan base. The in-game characters and the lore have made a mark in gamers’ minds, with Symphonia‘s Lloyd having one of the more memorable stories in the history of the series. Fans will get to be a part of that experience once the remaster hits, but until then, the uploaded episodes on YouTube will help them keep up with the plot.

Tales of Symphonia Remastered comes out on February 17 for PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Tales of YouTube Channel

Source: Gamerant

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