Talented Pokemon Fan Uses Etch-a-Sketch to Draw Milotic

One Pokemon fan, who is also an artist, creates an impressive piece of art on an Etch-a-Sketch that features the Water-type known as Milotic.

Over the years, a plethora of Pokemon video games have been released, and fans have created a huge assortment of artwork based on those titles. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that fan art based on the Pokemon franchise varies greatly, with some fans attempting to make everything from origami figures of their favorite pocket monsters to edible Pokemon-themed desserts. Recently, one gamer came up with an equally novel concept, this time focusing on Milotic.


While the Pokemon series has featured close to 900 different pocket monsters over the past couple of decades, it is hard to find many Pokemon with a more striking design than Milotic. First introduced to the series as part of Gen 3, this Pokemon is a Water-type with a serpentine look. The front portion of its design is predominately cream-colored, while it features a beautiful pattern of blue and red scales towards the end of its body. Furthermore, its appearance includes a pair of antennae along with long fins on each side of its head.

Recently, a talented gamer known as Princess Etch, also known as Pikajane on Reddit, posted a clip of a creation she had made based on the Pokemon series. Specifically, the artist decided to make artwork that featured the Water-type Milotic. However, this was no ordinary piece of fan art as she chose to create the picture of the beautiful Pokemon on a tiny Etch-a-Sketch. And the results of the project were impressive, to say the least.

The video shared by Princess Etch started with a close-up of her blank Etch-a-Sketch. While filling out this empty Etch-a-Sketch might have appeared like a daunting project for most, this Pokemon fan quickly began turning the nobs at the bottom of the board, and the figure of a Milotic slowly started to take shape. Impressively, the artwork contained all the key features of the pocket monsters once the artist had finished the project. In addition, she revealed that Milotic was her “favorite Pokemon” when posting the artwork to Reddit.

It will be interesting to see what talented artists such as Princess Etch are able to create in the coming weeks. In addition to this amazing Etch-a-Sketch artwork, the Pokemon community has been coming up with some incredible creations. For example, one talented gamer recently showed off a picture of a life-sized Charmander they had made out of LEGOs. Time will tell what fan art is shared with the community next. Perhaps Princess Etch will decide to make even more Etch-a-Sketch artwork based on the Pokemon series.

Source: Gamerant

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