Talented Gamer Brings Mohg’s Spear From Elden Ring Into The Real World

A talented Elden Ring fan has created a custom version of Mohg the Lord of Blood’s memorable Sacred Spear. Mohg is an optional boss in Elden Ring, but one of the most memorable experiences for those that find him. It’s not just Mohg himself, a huge Omen monstrosity wielding a three-pronged lance, but also his temple built on top of vast pools of blood — not to mention Mohg’s “guest.” At least one fan decided to celebrate Mohg by making his spear a reality.


For those unfamiliar, Mohg is an important part of the lore behind Elden Ring‘s setting, the Lands Between. Mohg is one of the children of Queen Marika, a goddess and the sovereign of the Golden Order. Mohg and his twin brother Morgott, were born cursed and became an Omen with bestial physical characteristics. Perhaps for these reasons, Mohg turned to Outer God known as the Formless Mother for power. Mohg can “pierce the body” of the Formless Mother with his Sacred Spear to create explosions of blood.

Needless to say, Mohg’s background is striking and memorable. It certainly appears to have had an impact on Reddit user torypigeon. torypigeon is a cosplay artist and chose Mohg as their next project, which is no small effort. Their latest post shows off their work on Mohg’s trident the Sacred Spear. In-game, the spear is described as both a weapon and an instrument of communion, which perhaps explains why it looks like three candles and a candelabra at the end of a staff.

The work torypigeon has done is impressive, to say the least. The candelabra portion of the Sacred Spear is incredibly detailed, the staff portion richly textured, and three candle-like trident prongs rise from the top. What especially stands out about the handmade Elden Ring weapon is how large it is. Like with Mohg in-game, the custom Sacred Spear should tower above torypigeon when she dons her full cosplay.

The Sacred Spear isn’t torypigeon’s first creation for her Mohg cosplay, either. She’s previously posted her work-in-progress headpiece for her Mohg cosplay, too. Their mask features all 30 of Mohg’s twisting horns, including the one that goes into his left eye. It also has his sharp-toothed mouth, which assumedly is left wide open for torypigeon to see out of.

An incredible amount of work must have gone into torypigeon’s Elden Ring cosplay project already and there’s likely much left to do. Just the mask and Sacred Spear alone are incredibly detailed and must have required a pricey amount of materials. Still, they’re exceptionally made, ensuring that even Miquella would probably be impressed.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Reddit

Source: Gamerant

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