Take a break from deal-hunting with the most bamboozling Cyber Monday deals of 2023

Now that Cyber Monday is here and you sit seething over all the money you’ve just spent on a new motherboard (cheers AMD), why not bask in awe at some of the most bamboozling deals we’ve spotted this year. The whole Black Friday thing began as a way to get rid of unwanted stock at dirt-cheap prices and, while it’s certainly changed over the years, that pioneering spirit hasn’t changed. And man is there some strange stuff being shifted this Cyber Monday, too.

From god-awful peripherals, to messed up gaming merchandise, and frankly traumatizing homewares: here’s some of the most bonkers stuff we’ve seen floating around over this sales period. 

We’ve focused on the funniest junk you can imagine here so please don’t take this too seriously. Unless you have a Nick Cage enthusiast in your life who could really do with a stocking-filler, or someone who just really likes bread and/or squirrels. 

When your hands are busy gaming, hold feet instead.

Who needs fingers when you can have a squirrel for a hand?

In-laws got the heating set too high this winter?

Men and your man-hands, look away now.

Ever drifted off in the warm embrace of a French baguette?

Drape the flayed skin of Nicholas Cage over your living room

Terrorise your friends with this RPG-wielding apex predator.

Source: PC Gamer

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