Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Mod Makes It Look Like a 3D Game


  • A new mod for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate allows players to move their characters in a 3D manner, breaking into the Z-axis.
  • This mod, created by frequent modder CSharp, adds a unique element to the game by introducing faux 3D movement.
  • Players can now perform dash attacks, slides, and other moves that allow characters to move on the Z-axis, providing new possibilities and screenshot opportunities.

A new mod released for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate makes the crossover fighter look like a fully 3D fighting game, with players being able to move their characters into various parts of the background and foreground. This Nintendo Switch game has a very active modding community, with modders expanding it beyond its limits. Some of these mods add new characters like Spider-Man to Ultimate‘s roster, while others overhaul the game’s mechanics. This includes rebalancing its characters to giving custom move sets to their favorite fighters.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a 2D fighting game with 3D graphics, with the addition of platforming in certain stages, making the objective of winning tied to the opponent being knocked off the stage instead of having their health depleted. The game’s 2D plane allows players to freely attack, move, and jump around, unlike other 2D fighting games like Street Fighter, which have more restrictive movement and attacks. Despite it playing in 2D, the game has 3D graphics, with plenty of small details that can be found in the background and foreground. This new mod allows the fighters to break into the Z-axis, making the game look like a 3D fighting game.

This mod, called “3D Smash Ultimate,” was created by C# or CSharp, a frequent Super Smash Bros. Ultimate modder. Some of their past works include adding Castlevania‘s Alucard into the roster of Ultimate. They first posted a teaser video of how this mod would work by demonstrating Ridley walking around the stage in 3D to avoid Min-Min’s attack. According to the mod’s GameBanana page, this is faux 3D movement, meaning there are a lot of caveats and pitfalls to make it work, but it’s an impressive looking rework of the game.

This Super Smash Bros. Ultimate mod allows a variety of unique scenarios to screenshot, due to the characters now being able to walk into the foreground or background, or rotate to face a certain direction. One of the latest updates made to the mod includes being able to do dash attacks, slides, or other certain moves that will allow the characters to move on the Z-axis. The full list of restrictions and quirks that this has are listed on the mod’s GameBanana page.

Many modders complimented CSharp on this mod for this one change, making the game feel completely different even in this mod’s early form. The faux 3D movement drew comparison to Tekken‘s 3D gameplay, though much simpler than Bandai Namco’s fighter. Modders took the opportunity to use this mod and take screenshots that normally wouldn’t be possible in the base game.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

Source: GameBanana

Source: Gamerant

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