Super Smash Bros. Fan Creates LEGO Battlefield Set

A fan of Nintendo’s star-packed brawler Super Smash Bros. shows off a Battlefield set that they constructed entirely out of LEGOs.

Gamers have been making amazing 3D art pieces based on video games for years. Players have created dolls, statues, and figurines based on a number of different franchises. They have even made Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stages out of LEGOs.

Gamers have created a good number of LEGO sets for a variety of famous characters such as Mario and Pikachu. There are even video games with the character models being made entirely out of virtual bricks, such as the LEGO Star Wars games. LEGO art allows fans to construct pieces dedicated to whatever they love, with the models receiving a special look that comes from using the colored bricks.


A Redditor going by the handle LampLighter created their own Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stage out of LEGO bricks. The model is a based off of the Battlefield level that can be found in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, complete with the three floating platforms.

LampLighter used a variety of different LEGO bricks to construct the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Battlefield stage. This includes the traditional rectangular pieces, the smaller flat bricks, and a number of translucent LEGOs that help add the color and atmosphere found in the game. LEGO plants were placed around the model, simulating the grass that is seen in the game. LampLighter’s Battlefield set is very impressive and could make for an interesting variation of the stage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

LampLighter’s LEGO set has garnered a lot of fans. Gamers are calling it amazing and wish for it to be modded into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Many are asking for a template of the Battlefield set as they wish to create their own. Some also asked for LampLighter to create their own mini figures of the different fighters we see in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to go along with the stage, stating that Mario, Sonic, and Steve from Minecraft have already been done.

The Battlefield set that LampLighter created is not the only LEGO project that has been done recently. A gamer going by the name Kebby_Quake made a mod for the original Quake that turns it into a LEGO game. The mod redoes the textures of the timeless shooter in order to give it a bricky aesthetic. The creator calls it “Block Quake” and has shown that it works with a number of Quake engines, including QuakeSpasm and DarkPlaces. The mod gives the moody FPS a lighter feeling, as enemies have a cuter look. LampLighter and Kebby_Quake show that the Danish toy is still quite popular and that gamers love applying the LEGO look to modern video games.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now for Nintendo Switch.

Source: Reddit

Source: Gamerant

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