Subway Trains Get Pokemon Legends: Arceus Overhaul

Pokemon take over subway cars in Taipei to help promote the release date of Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

New Pokemon games always generate a lot of hype, perhaps even moreso with the promise of a new era like in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. Pokemon appear in the real world in far more ways than augmented reality games like Pokemon GO, and now select subway trains are getting overhauled to celebrate the new release.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus invites players to step into the past of the Pokemon world, giving them a glimpse into the early days of Pokemon training for the first time. With Pokemon Legends: Arceus‘ reviews primarily looking good, all that’s left is for players to get their hands on the title.


For players in Taipei, the wait over the next few days before Pokemon Legends: Arceus‘ launch may have just become a bit more difficult. Taipei’s subway system, the Taipei Metro, has received special Pokemon-themed cars on the Bannan Line. The trains have been decked out from ceiling to floor with images and collages of Pokemon alongside advertisements for the new Switch game.

It’s unclear how long these advertisements will remain up, so fans in the area should probably make an effort to see them soon. However, several images have also been shared for fans who can’t check them out themselves.

Pokemon‘s massive popularity worldwide is indisputable at this point. While many might have thought of Pokemon as yet another passing fad, the series has only grown in both popularity and brand awareness since its release back in 1996. Fans and players can now enjoy Pokemon anytime, whether they want to play a mobile game, carry their Switch with them, kick back with the anime, or pick up a seemingly endless variety of Pokemon tie-in products.

This isn’t even Pokemon‘s first collaboration with a form of major transit. Pokemon airplanes have been a recurring thing for quite some time now, and Pokemon even came out with an official Pikachu car years ago. Pokemon has become a part of worldwide culture, to the point that even those who don’t consider themselves to be fans or players of the series can likely name a number of the collectable critters.

While the average mass transit user might not react to the decorations, Taiwan has plenty of fans of the franchise that will likely be delighted. Shortly after Pokemon GO‘s release, series fans made the news due to thousands of them swarming a shopping district in search of Snorlax. Perhaps it’s no mistake that Snorlax is present right in the middle of the subway’s floor collage.

Pokemon: Legends Arceus releases on January 28 for the Nintendo Switch.

Source: NintendoSoup

Source: Gamerant

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