Stylish crime RPG Sunday Gold drops a free prologue and release date

All of us classic RPG enjoyers can finally stop banking action points, because our next turn is finally starting. Retro-future dystopian adventure Sunday Gold has just dropped a demo and a release date. The former I’ll be queuing up for download tonight. The latter is just a month away on September 13.

I like my RPGs to punish me. Because effectively kicking me in the shins proves how well they know me. Disco Elysium laughed in my face for being a politically non-committal people-pleaser trying to always pick the right dialogue options while not letting me get away with hoarding cash like in any other RPG. 

Sunday Gold (similar in style to Disco, perhaps, but not in attitude) sounds like its turn-based combat and “escape room style puzzles” will be punishing a hell of a lot of us by forcing us to achieve both with a single pool of action points. You don’t get infinite time and tries to cram every item you own into every single problem when enemies are bearing down on your heist with every turn. Same goes for being a total loot goblin nicking even the most pointless junk off every dead goon.

Ted took a spin with Sunday Gold‘s early hours last month and came away optimistic. “A particularly fun moment is having to search a dead body for a security keycard—there are more places to search than useful items on the body, and each pocket you pat down deals bonus stress damage to the character doing it, in addition to wasting valuable AP,” he said.

I’ll take his word for it, as one of our major enjoyers of the classic RPG, but I definitely don’t mind forming my own opinions with its demo.

Bkom Studios refer to the free prologue as the “opening chapters” of Sunday Gold.

“In this prologue, you’ll step into the shoes of down-on-his-luck hardman Frank Barber, form up your band of misfits and set out on your next job: exposing the dark secrets of Hogan Industries,” the developers say.

You can snag that prologue download over on Steam (opens in new tab).

Source: PC Gamer

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