Stellaris Reveals Details of Major 6th Anniversary Update

Stellaris is approaching its sixth anniversary and is gearing up to launch a new expansion along with a major update to celebrate. The free update, entitled “Cepheus,” will bring Stellaris up to version 3.4. In addition, it will revamp several systems, add new features, and improve the game in many other areas.

Stellaris, the sci-fi 4X strategy game (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate) by Paradox Interactive, the team also behind strategy giants like Crusader Kings, Europa Universalis, and Hearts of Iron, has been a staple of the genre since its inception. Featuring numerous interlocking systems from diplomacy and espionage to colony management, government policy, and military strategy, the game is a favorite among strategy gamers thanks to its sandbox approach on a galactic scale. Players can imitate their favorite sci-fi empires’ policies by becoming a ruthless galactic empire, a peaceful federation of allied systems, a starfaring megacorporation, and endless other possibilities.


As Stellaris‘ sixth-anniversary approaches, so too does its next major free update and a new paid expansion, Overlord. The 3.4 update, available to all players, reworks numerous systems and adds some new ones. A new Situations system is being implemented, which faces players with progressive story events, Situations, and allows players to choose their favored Approach, with each Approach potentially affecting the Situation’s outcome. Running an economic deficit can now lead to a Default, which imposes harsh penalties on empires failing to meet their obligations. Numerous features have been implemented to help reduce micromanagement as well, allowing players to decide which aspects of their empire to automate. Also included with the update are tons of new emblems, color options, Humanoid customization options, and general bug fixes and performance improvements.

The paid expansion for Stellaris, Overlord, is all about players projecting their galactic empire’s power. New vassalization mechanics allow the overlord empire to specialize its vassals and exert more control over what they do. Unique enclaves of peoples such as mercenary groups and salvagers can be found throughout the galaxy, giving players new opportunities for interactions as they maneuver around the galaxy’s deadly Voidspawn. New origins will be available to further define players’ unique empires, such as a subterranean origin or starting as a vassal to another empire. Also found in the expansion are new technologies to uncover, buildings to construct, and additions to the game’s stellar soundtrack.

After six years at the forefront of the 4X strategy genre, Stellaris is considered one of the most influential games in the sci-fi genre. Paradox Interactive has been continuously reiterating the game’s systems and features in order to provide one of the most interesting space strategy games in recent memory. The latest update and expansion are due to release on May 12th, shortly after the game’s May 9th anniversary. Whether players purchase the Overlord expansion or stick with the free update, they will likely be very busy using these new features to claim the galaxy.

Stellaris is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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