Steam Deck Update Now Allows For Custom Per-Game Performance Settings

Valve is continuing to update its Steam Deck device, which is also getting more compatible games, and the latest patch comes with more customization.

The general hype for the Steam Deck seems to have died down a little, but it’s still proving to many to be a worthy addition to, if not an improvement on, the mobile gaming market. Given that Valve has outlined some issues with the portable PC, such as mistakes with regard to compatibility, the company is continuing to make sure the device is operating as well as it can. With that, a new patch has recently rolled out which appears to give users a lot more customization when it comes to performance.


According to the patch notes, a new update for the Steam Deck comes with an additional option for gamers to implement performance profiles on a per-game basis. In essence, it allows for custom settings so that titles can run at high performance, giving the best visual quality, or make it lower performance, which theoretically could reduce the battery life, and be useful for games that are less hardware dependent. The notes say that the device will use the system settings as default.

On top of that, the update also offers up a few tweaks to the general device, which includes some small fixes for the keyboard, some performance improvements when switching from offline to online mode, as well as adding the Deck to Steam’s hardware survey functionality. Valve has been asking for feedback on the Steam Deck, and has evidently been using what the community has been saying about it to roll out frequent patches and hotfixes, which should keep the system in tip-top shape. Of course, one of the most important things about the device is game compatibility.

With the around 2,400 games currently playable on the Steam Deck, the list of titles that are being verified is going up all the time. When Valve originally delayed the launch by a couple of months, with the original release penciled in as Christmas 2021, it seemingly gave the company, and its partners, more time to work on the device. It was a bit of a shame that those who pre-ordered had to wait a little longer, but the portable PC is currently making waves in the industry.

Despite Valve’s unsuccessful foray into hardware, the Steam Deck has proved that the long-running developer is capable of engaging in other projects, especially now that Gabe Newell and co are not so much known for game development these days. Given that this is more than just a Switch-like console, there’s a possibility that this could lead to a new era in the mobile gaming market, and the company evidently seems keen to make sure that it’s always kept up to date.

Source: Steam, GamesRadar

Source: Gamerant

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