Starfield Player Killed a Level 98 Pirate Elite 100 Times in the Name of Science


  • A dedicated Starfield player conducted an experiment, killing a Pirate Legend 100 times and documenting the drops, providing insights into weapon drop rates and rarity levels.
  • The player’s spreadsheet includes valuable information such as credits, modifiers, and rarity of the obtained items, as well as personal observations about weapon spawning with pre-installed mods.
  • This experiment is valuable for players interested in understanding the drop rate mechanics of Starfield’s weapons and satisfies the curiosity of those farming for gear in the game.

A dedicated Starfield player has killed a Pirate Legend 100 times and shared the results of their experiment with other players. Starfield offers a vast game of content to explore. As a result, Starfield players are making unusual discoveries and coming up with curious ideas to test.

Like Fallout 4 and Skyrim, Starfield gives players an impressive level of freedom, leading to varied situations. One example is the player who spotted a detail that makes Starfield‘s NPCs more realistic, surprising players who hadn’t seen it before. Another player dedicated their time to collecting all 52 playing cards in Starfield. It’s not uncommon for Starfield players to make discoveries even after several hours of gameplay, or to spawn thousands of milk cartons in a place where they shouldn’t be. The curious findings of the Starfield community struck again, this time with a player who did something with one of the game’s enemies.

Reddit user Endecc killed a Pirate Legend Elite level 98 100 times and recorded the results of this experiment in a spreadsheet. According to the player’s statistics, they obtained 60 weapons, 13 helmets, 11 spacesuits, and 16 packs. In terms of rarity, the items found by the player are segmented into 66 rare, 24 epic, and only 10 legendary items. One of the highlights is the Magstorm, one of Starfield‘s heavy weapons. The weapon got by the player is the most expensive on the list, worth 61733 credits, and has three modifiers (Extended Magazine, Lacerate, and Skip Shot). Starfield‘s Elite enemies are the game’s version of a mini-boss, and the Pirate Legend killed by the player was found through Starfield‘s bounty hunter board.

The items obtained by Endecc are listed with information such as value in credits, modifiers, and rarity. In addition, they included in the spreadsheet some personal observations such as the fact that certain weapons can only spawn with pre-installed mods. However, the player was unable to say whether this was dependent on the enemy faction. They also conclude that Starfield‘s enemies only drop specific groups of items, with some potentially appearing more than others. In the list of drops obtained by the player, there are two examples such as the Solstice and the Shotty, two of the weapons that Starfield players can find, which dropped five times each.

Endecc’s experiment is interesting for players who are avid stats, as it helps them get an idea of how the drop rate of Starfield‘s weapons works. The information they shared also satisfies the curiosity of players who are farming weapons in Starfield.

Starfield is available now for PC and Xbox Series X|S.

Source: Gamerant

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