Starfield Player Creates Ridiculously Overpowered Shotgun


  • Weapons in Starfield can be enhanced at a workbench, allowing for extensive customization and upgrades to make them incredibly powerful in combat.
  • Custom weapon modifications require the weapon engineering skill and resources, but the benefits are worth it, as players can create devastating weapons, like a version of the Coachman shotgun that uses explosive shells.
  • The game features a wide variety of weapons to suit different playstyles, with rarer drops offering unique perks that increase their effectiveness.

Guns in Starfield can be enhanced in pretty much every way imaginable at a weapon workbench, and one modification allows a player to make their shotgun unbelievably overpowered in combat. Players can get their hands on all sorts of weapons by exploring the corners of Starfield‘s expansive galaxy, from ballistic pistols and rifles to laser weapons and even highly-effective particle beam weapons.

The vast array of weapons in Starfield means there’s something for everyone regardless of their preferred playstyle, with rarer weapon drops occasionally featuring unique perks which can make these weapons all the more devastating. Rarer weapons tend to include a greater number of high-end perks such as specialized ammunition types, extra damage to certain enemy types, or even a chance to make opponents flee in panic. Whether fans choose to keep hold of their starter weapons or their best legendary guns, practically any and every weapon in Starfield can be taken to a weapon workbench for further upgrades and customization.

Fans can get the most out of custom weapon modifications if they’ve invested in the weapon engineering skill, though they’ll also need a decent supply of resources to gain access to the best mods in Starfield. The benefits of custom-made weapons can be well worth it though, as is evidenced by one post shared by the player iSwearSheWas56 which shows them turning their Coachman shotgun into a lead-spewing violation of the Geneva convention. The clip shows this weapon firing clusters of explosive shells which burst and rain down even more explosive fragments onto enemies, which allows the player to quickly and efficiently wipe out a group of pirates without even having to aim. This is made possible thanks to the Hornet Nest mod the weapon uses, a level 3 ammunition mod which can be applied to certain weapons at a workbench.

This is just a taste of how overpowered some weapons can be in Starfield, with several other members of the community sharing some custom weapons of their own which make combat a breeze. Starfield allows for an impressive degree of customization on nearly any aspect of the game from gear and weapons to spaceships, and some fans have poured hours into creating their own perfect spacecraft to share with other creative minds within the game’s community.

Whether it involves recreating a real-world celebrity as a character in Starfield or finding the deadliest upgrades to put on a gun, the potential for player creativity in Starfield has provided fans with countless hours of play time in itself. With so many worlds to explore in the game’s daunting galaxy and countless upgrades to make use of, it’s certain that creative fans will continue to create amazing things in the game for a long time to come.

Starfield is available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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