Starfield Player Builds RLS Legacy From Treasure Planet


  • Starfield players are showcasing their creativity by designing unique spacecraft, with one player crafting a replica of the RLS Legacy from Disney’s Treasure Planet, evoking a sense of nostalgia among fans.
  • Creating custom ships in Starfield requires dedication, as players need to gather credits and materials that are not easy to find. Despite this challenge, players have shown their willingness to spend time crafting their own designs.
  • The game has fostered enthusiasm for exploration, leading to an influx of creative spacecraft designs flooding the internet.

A Starfield player has crafted a creative spaceship, closely resembling the iconic RLS Legacy from Disney’s animated film, Treasure Planet. This Starfield fan has managed to create a similar replica that has evoked a sense of nostalgia among other users, adding to the extensive list of creations already seen in the game.

Since its release, Bethesda’s spacefaring game has become a canvas for imaginative players, each bringing their unique ideas to life through different designs and allowing them to express their creativity in its expansive and immersive interstellar universe. Players have already witnessed a multitude of creative crossovers, like a recent Starfield spaceship that closely resembles the Energy Sword from Halo. However, this recent creation took inspiration from a classic animated movie that would likely impress many Disney fans.

A Reddit user named No-Bus-1445 shared their Starfield creation on Reddit: a spaceship that captures the essence of the RLS Legacy spaceship from the classic animated Disney movie Treasure Planet. The player chose not to purchase a regular Starfield ship and, instead, decided to build this metal-based recreation inspired by the classic adventure movie, carefully designed in a way that any fan of Treasure Planet can quickly identify, as was the case with some other users commenting on the post.

Although players can find cheap ships in Starfield, buying one and customizing it in the way this player did, requires an amount of credits and materials that are not too easy to find, which underlines the dedication that these kinds of creations entail. But Starfield has already proved that players are willing to spend a big amount of time not only exploring its vast universe but also crafting their own designs for ships and outposts.

Even though Starfield‘s rating has declined on Steam, the game has proven to be very successful, recently becoming the best-selling game in the U.S. over a five-week period, showing that Xbox Game Pass did not stop Starfield from selling very well. No doubt that part of its success is due to the creation tools the game puts at players’ disposal.

As the Starfield community continues to demonstrate its creative capabilities by designing unique spacecraft, this creation is just another proof of the potential that the game possesses and how it fosters enthusiasm for exploration within the gaming world. Future creations like this are likely to keep flooding the internet and enhancing Starfield‘s universe.

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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