Starfield Player Builds Incredible Galaxy Express Locomotive


  • Starfield players have embraced the ship builder feature, showcasing their creativity by designing both familiar and unconventional ships in the game.
  • One player illustrated the versatility of the ship-builder with a space-faring train inspired by the 1970s anime Galaxy Express.
  • The ship building scene in Starfield has received overwhelming praise, as players have constructed everything from gun-shaped ships to sailing boats and even a frog-inspired vessel.

The ship building scene in Starfield has a strong fascination with trains, and another player managed to design their take on a space-faring locomotive. While the game has seen its share of criticism on Steam and across social media platforms, there has been almost nothing but praise for the ship builder in Starfield. Bethesda has seemingly created the perfect outlet for players to pour their creativity into, as the community has been passionately sharing their Starfield ship designs since launch.

From the Millennium Falcon to the Normandy from Mass Effect, Starfield players have adapted a myriad of popular starships from other sci-fi franchises. However, an underrated corner of its ship building scene has been the more unorthodox (and often bizarre) designs. Players have built gunships in Starfield that resembled a gun, a sailing boat, and even a frog. The sleek modularity and wide selection of parts in Starfield‘s ship builder has allowed players to construct both accurate recreations and original concepts, no matter how mundane or unusual.

To that end, RecordingFearless270 put forward a design on the official Starfield subreddit inspired by the Galaxy Express anime from 1978. The ship – or more accurately, the train – sits at five layers tall and has a very dazzling color scheme. Some players have noted a resemblance to Doc Brown’s train from the third Back to the Future film, while others jokingly mentioned that a Thomas the Tank Engine build would inevitably be coming soon. The design is equipped with weapons and built for gameplay, but there is an important caveat to consider.

The ship’s height necessitates the use of ladders to walk from the landing bay to the cockpit, and ladders in Starfield are a special kind of hell for most players, as the slow animation of going up and down is tedious at best. Some fans have suggested that Bethesda could implement a 1×1 habitat module that functions as stairs to solve the problem, though chances are that Starfield mods will figure out a solution soon after the official modding tools release.

Ultimately, the community seems to be excited about the potential of Starfield, as cruising through the stars and exploring the many planets of the Settled Systems evokes the unique addiction of playing a Bethesda sandbox experience. Even if a few aspects of the game have been a disappointment to the Starfield fans who were hoping for more, the encouraging thing to keep in mind is that this will likely be the worst version of Starfield to exist, as the game will continue to improve with official content packs such as Shattered Space and unofficial mod support besides.

Starfield is available on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Gamerant

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