Starfield Bug Makes Planet Completely Flat


  • A Starfield player discovered a bug that caused a planet to be completely flat and barren, showcasing the game’s well-known tradition of curious bugs.
  • The procedural generation technology used in Starfield creates unique planets for players, with most of them being blank slates that are filled with randomized terrain, flora, and fauna.
  • The flat Starfield planet bug, while not functioning as intended, has a texture resembling marble and darkening land toward the horizon, making it an odd and unnatural but strangely beautiful sight.

A Starfield player has shared an incredible bug that left a planet they visited barren and entirely flat. Bethesda’s games are well known to feature a seemingly endless number of curious bugs, and Starfield has proudly carried on that tradition. The procedural generation technology used for spawning planets in Starfield is one area teeming with such bugs. This flat planet Starfield bug is one that’s particularly interesting – and surprisingly beautiful.

Bethesda has long advertised over 1,000 planets to be explored in Starfield. Those planets are not the same game to game, however. The vast majority of them are procedurally generated, built from the ground up as Starfield players approach the planet. What that means is that outside some select few planets that are made directly by Bethesda, most planets are blank slates. Players start flying toward them and the game uses algorithms to fill them with randomized terrain, flora, and fauna.

While there are a good number of examples of what happens when the planetary procedural generation goes wrong in Starfield, this may be the first example of it simply not working at all. Reddit user CaptainAde made a post titled “An interesting bug rendered a flat world, which led to some nice picks of my suit” to the Starfield subreddit. They then attached several images showcasing just what a completely empty Starfield planet looks like.

starfield flat planet screenshot looking into the distance

starfield flat planet screenshot lost

What’s especially striking about the flat Starfield planet is that it isn’t without depth or texture. It could easily have looked like the game swapped into developer mode, with no color and no way of judging near or far. But the images from CaptainAde show the planet has a texture almost like marble, and the land darkens toward the horizon. The planet may not have loaded, but it does still look like a typical Starfield planet. It’s just a very odd and unnatural planet.

Some Starfield players say that while it may be a bug, if Bethesda added a bit of extra detail it would make perfect sense as a proper biome. It’s close but not quite the same as a salt pan on Earth, a flat natural formation often found in deserts. A planet that’s entirely salt pan would be something to see, though it might look a lot like this strange Starfield bug.

Unfortunately, there’s no clear way for other Starfield players to make the game spawn a similar planet in their own games. Procedurally-generated planets don’t carry over to other players’ games. One Starfield player even went so far as to visit every possible planet in their game, landing on 1,441 planets in total. They saw the universe, but they never saw this strange yet beautiful flat planet. That’s part of what makes Starfield unique.

Starfield is available now on PC and Xbox Series X/S.

Source: Reddit

Source: Gamerant

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